Forum Rules and Policies

Please note that these rules and policies apply to the Tiny Heroes forum. For rules governing our other folders, please see the Forum Policies

1. Simutronics has the right to remove any message it deems objectionable or that is not in Simutronics' best interest.

2. Impersonating a staff member or message board monitor is expressly prohibited.

3. No advertisements. This includes notices that you are selling any type of item for real money, or characters for any type of currency (real or game currency).

4. No "spamming." "Spamming" is the term used to describe posting the same message or substantially the same message in several places at the same time. If you're not sure where to post , pick a topic that closely matches your subject and post your message. If you don't get an answer or any interest the first time you post, wait a couple of days, then post your message in a different topic.

5. No vulgarity or obscenity. This includes "masked" vulgarity where you substitute symbols for letters (such as $ for S); however, if the word you intended to use is still obvious to all, it is a violation. Sometimes it's hard to determine which words are considered "vulgar." If you wouldn't say it to your grandmother or in a job interview, don't say it here.

At all times, follow Simutronics Terms and Conditions

Repeated violations of any of the above policies can and will lead to the offending party being placed on "Observer Only" status on the message boards for a period of no less than 30 days. With Observer Only access, you will be able to read messages, but you will be unable to post new messages or create new topics. Simutronics reserves the right to set any user's access to Observer Only at any time. Category and Topic Leaders also have the ability to lower the access level of users, but only within the bounds of their category or topic. Some Category or Topic Leaders may wish to moderate the messages posted in their category or topic.