Need help on a level? 04/02/2012 06:59 PM CDT
A list of the levels in order, and links to either the thread with the most help or the walk through itself:

You're Fired:

Bad to the Bone:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1433731

Utterly Boned:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1408302

Clerical Work:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1432826

Night of the Living Wall:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1435300


Quite the Looker:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1434074

Fails from the Crypt:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1407842

Hook, Line, and Ranger:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1435314

Bug Zapper:

Slime and Punishment:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1436140

Death from Above:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1412705

Off to Flee the Wizard:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1442537

Better Dungeons and Gardens:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1445526

Goblin City:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1433993

The Killing Floor:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1446139

It's Alive:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1407517

Slip n' Slime:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1436602

Hedge Maze:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1435581

Here Be Baby Dragons:

My Buddies and Me:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1411445

Gathering Grounds:

The Voodoo That You Do:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1434532

Lightning Round:

Fight Fire with Fire:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1407628

They're Wizards, Harry:'s%20Keep%20Campaign/thread/1407096

Eye of the Storm:

If you find any better, reply here!
-JenP, QA Intern
Re: Need help on a level? 04/02/2012 08:02 PM CDT
This playlist has a video for each of the levels of SK, in order:

Looking at JenP's post, I saw a lot of levels that didn't have anything, but when I replied I could see it. That's strange. JenP, you probably want to check your formatting or something.

Tcarr9's Tiny Heroes video walkthroughs are available on YouTube:
Re: Need help on a level? 04/03/2012 05:09 PM CDT

I will continue working on debugging that; but in the meantime, yes, I can also see all the thread links if I hit reply on post. Also, TCARR9, you're awesome, thanks for the catch :)