Clerical work 02/15/2012 09:51 PM CST

I see a cleric. I kill it with a few ballistas.
I see a cleric in a red robe, know that I'll need triballistas. NOTHIN'.
I see the same cleric type with maybe four heroes, I get cocky and don't realize my defenses are doomed.
Other heroes and epics come, and finally, I realize I was killed by a few heroes and an epic cleric.

This all happened in clerical work. So help me.
Re: Clerical work 02/16/2012 06:18 AM CST
See these two threads:

Simu-Stephen said:
I got by just using the Bomb + Sticky Tar combo, and blocking off the corridors with Ballistas. Any heroes that made it through the bombings ran into a wall of the things.

I remember having a horrible time getting through this one with just the basic defenses. After squeaking through with one star, and later coming back after I had perforator and the Sorceror's Keep defenses unlocked, it was easy.
Re: Clerical work 02/16/2012 09:34 PM CST
Nope. Epic fail. And guess what? The epic cleric broke through first! The epic cleric!! So now I want to know if those ladies have weaknesses that kill them, or attract them to something so I can set a trap. Now, though, I need to go through many, many failed attempts. Hope I make it. Follow me on tiny heroes. I'll make a thread series in the lair.

Wish me luck!
The Epic Disaster
Re: Clerical work 02/20/2012 06:02 PM CST
Try to hit the Epic Clerics as soon as you can. When they take damage, they are more likely to use their heal or activate their aura. This will either cause them to heal their allies before they take any damage, or cause them to stand in place to use their damage-reducing aura, which causes them to get separated from their friends.

-- Tiny Heroes Designer
Re: Clerical work 02/20/2012 06:34 PM CST
Try this approach. I just tested it and it works beautifully.

spring trap
floor spikes
(and one other slot - ballista or whatever you like)

1. Spam mana crystals in the protected areas and near the treasure room.

2. Place 3 tribal-istas at the top of the front area, so that they will shoot down into the front area, and another 3 at the bottom. Alternate placing. You end up with 2 that are a bit nearer the front than the other 4.

3. IGNORE the first two waves. Your tribal-istas are enough to handle them.

4. When an epic anything is about to walk in, drop a bomb and tar (either order) in the middle of the front area. Whatever you do, don't drop the tar close to your tribal-istas.

5. If you are slow or an epic doesn't die fast enough, plant floor spikes or a spring trap right on top of them.

6. After you have your 6 tribal-istas and have a reasonable cushion of mana, plant a spring trap in the upper and lower corridor behind your tribal-istas. If you are lucky, none of them will break through. If an epic does smash through your tribal-istas, this gives you a chance to replace one of them and your bomb a chance to recharge.

7. In the last wave, you can drop whatever you have after the bomb explodes, near whatever heroes are left.

8. And of course replace any tribal-istas that are destroyed, including the one in the center.

Seemed pretty easy using this strategy, and my hands are a bit on the slow side.