Better dungeons and gardens 01/28/2012 05:25 PM CST
Tried everything I can think of but I can't even get 1 star.

I have tribalista, perforator and wall press achieves.

Is there some sort of trick to this?
Re: Better dungeons and gardens 01/28/2012 07:04 PM CST
I don't use wall press in this level. Perforator is handy though.

Put mana crystals on the vents, so that you get mana faster. Spam more mana crystals near the treasure room to block that off.

Keep replacing shooters (whatever you have) above the tentacles, where they can fire on the heroes.

Put perforators where the walls end (two tiles from the starting tentacles), with a shooter on the right and more shooters above/below. That makes it easier to finish off any heroes that make it past the perforator, particularly the ones that are likely to demolish the shooter on the right of the perforator.

Replace the tentacles when there aren't any knights or epic knights, and add one next to the perforator too. With knights, replace the ones that are near your shooters; the knights will usually ignore everything else to whack at the tentacles, so the triballistas or whatever have more chances to damage the knights. Tentacles are CHEAP and recharge immediately.

It still gets rather hectic in some of the waves. Rock drop is very useful because the heroes are usually lined up. Stock slime too if you have room or if you don't have slime yet stock bomb. I usually use lightning tower (and also triballista) but you probably don't have that unlocked yet.

IF THIS STILL DOESN'T WORK FOR YOU, and you want to try a one-star "just so I can progress" solution, here's an idea.

1. Don't plant any defenses (other than mana on the vents); wait for the first hero(es) to be coming out with treasure.
2. As SOON as a hero leaves the treasure room, drop a gork on top of him/behind him, and then a barricade in front of him, trapping him. Be ready with rock drop or bomb too. You have to kill that hero and then defend that one piece of treasure.
3. Use whatever defenses you have around that blocked off treasure. A perforator in front of the barricade will help, if there's a shooter nearby for the thieves. Most heroes avoid perforators.
4. Eventually your gork will get killed. Either replace him or put down another barricade. If a hero attacks the treasure side barricade, use rock drop to take him out, or bomb right on top of the barricade.

The general idea here is to protect ONE piece of treasure that you get one star and can continue. Then later you can come back after you have lightning tower, when it will be easier to get 3 stars.