Gathering Grounds 09/26/2011 02:23 AM CDT
A player had been asking for help with "Gathering Grounds" earlier, so after writing up some tactics for them, I figured I may as well post them here, as well. Enjoy!

Here's a pretty nifty strategy I just used for Gathering Grounds:

I placed three crystals on the lava cracks in the back, and immediately placed a barricade. From there, I just sort of saved up mana and didn't bother placing any defenses until the last second. This works for two reasons: this particular level offers a lot of start-up time before the first wave, and two: my defenses I took are all expensive, so building an early economy is kinda important.

10 seconds before the first wave, I dropped a slime. Combining slime and tar in the chokepoint will pretty much single-handedly handle the first 3-4 waves that come your way. Just make sure that whatever side you place your first Barricade on, you place a baby dragon on the opposite side in case somebody sneaks through. Sprinkle another ~7 mana crystals liberally throughout your dungeon as time and resources permit.

From there, as the picture shows, I placed my first catapult in that center inlet. Slime + Tar + Catapult = Gamewin. After that, I merely laced the entire north and south passage with floor spikes, which received second helpings thanks to my baby dragons. If a Wizard or some knights start banging on your barricade, just smack a repair on your stuff. The order of priority for building catapults should be center--> far top/bottom--> mid top/bottom.

You'll notice that this strategy doesn't even call for either of the pure "tower" defenses, the Ballista and Lightning Tower. Try it out!

-- Tiny Heroes Designer
Re: Gathering Grounds 09/26/2011 02:43 PM CDT
That's a very interesting strategy, but I couldn't get more than 1 star using it (reflexes too slow I guess). I finally did make 3 stars using a variation of it though. Instead of floor spikes and repair, I stocked rock drop and fire blast.

Both rock drop and fire blast work well sent vertically to knock out a lot of heroes, and can be used when one or two of the heroes sneak through my defenses (which seems to always happen at least once). When I lost my bottom barricade and something snuck through, I planted a baby dragon at the bottom pointing up in vertical lane, until I could get the bottom defenses replaced, then used fire blast to get the hero(s) that snuck by. The baby dragon didn't last very long, but I had my barricade and catapult replaced by the time it died.
Re: Gathering Grounds 09/26/2011 03:31 PM CDT
Oh nice - I used my variation a second time, and I finally got the "Fought Fire With Fire" achievement! When the 2 epic wizards came in together near the end, and there was already tar and slime down, I used a rock drop when they turned to go vertically, then the fire blast.