Slime and punishment. Help!!! 02/05/2012 09:02 AM CST
Re: Slime and punishment. Help!!! 02/05/2012 10:21 AM CST
This is easier if you already have perforator and/or wall press, but it's do-able without.

mana crystal
lightning tower
ballista or triballista
floor spikes or perforator
wall blades of wall press

You have one more slot. Mana crab is nice, or barricade, or your favorite defense.

General strategy is to concentrate on the area in the center of the board, where that thick wall juts down from the top. You have two choke points here very close together, so you can keep a close eye on both of them. Between those two choke points you control all the paths to the treasure.

1. Spam mana near the treasure room.
2. Place perforator (if you have it) or floor spikes in the two paths, roughly under that thick wall.
3. Spam lightning tower to the right of the floor spikes. Replace as needed.
4. Add wall blades on the left, wherever heroes walk that will take them.
5. When a clump of heroes is near the choke point, slime in front (but near) them so that one of them whacks the slime and they all have to walk through it.
6. When an epic is near the choke point, bomb him. It's usually possible to time it so that you catch multiple heroes with the same bomb.

Ballista/triballista can be used as distractions or to help whittle down the heroes or if a lightning tower is destroyed and can't be replaced yet. You can also plant mana crystals in the path right after the wall blades. They will get destroyed quickly but they keep the heroes in the wall blades a bit longer for more damage, and also help make the heroes clump up so that you can bomb a bunch at once.