Hedge Maze 02/03/2012 06:59 AM CST

Plz help. cant finish this level....
Re: Hedge Maze 02/03/2012 07:40 AM CST
My own approach is to put mana crystals on the lava vents so that I get lots of points, and then try to keep the heroes trapped in the front, where I only have 3 holes to plug.

It gets a lot easier if you can one-star this one and move on, then come back after you unlock lava lobber. ;)

Just keep spamming mana crystals in the rear, lightning towers and triballistas in the near front (particularly behind the "hedges" where rangers can't shoot them), and replacing whatever you use to block those three holes. If you have perforator, they will work as a blocker, because heroes tend to avoid them. You can use mana crystals for emergency blocking, to be replaced with barricade or living wall soon. Living walls are preferred for the blocking, because they stun the heroes when they explode.

When a ranger (or epic wizard if this level has them - don't recall) shows up, drop a slime, skeleton, or pack rat either above or below him so that he wastes his powerful shot shooting in a direction that won't hit your defenses. When an epic knight shows up, make sure that you drop slime or bomb or rock drop on him fast, so that your shooters have a chance of finishing him off. Slime + tar + bomb works well if you have enough slots for everything but I usually don't.
Re: Hedge Maze 02/06/2012 02:40 PM CST

Heroes don't attack barricades unless they cannot find another way around, so you can place barricades all around and make the heroes walk a winding path to the choke point. Slime and looker are good here. If you have unlocked the perforator place one at the choke point.
Re: Hedge Maze 03/17/2012 06:00 PM CDT
Video walkthrough posted:

I'd be interested in seeing a screenshot of making a winding path instead of my own brute force approach.