My Buddies and Me? 10/06/2011 01:18 AM CDT
Fortunately this one is optional, but it's one of two that are keeping me from three stars across the board.

Any hints on how to back up the Dragons on the vents? They seem to help if I can get them up early enough, but then the archers take them down with a single potshot.
Re: My Buddies and Me? 10/27/2011 11:10 PM CDT
I got 3 stars on this weeks ago, and can't remember how I did it. I just finished getting two stars though, and with a slightly different strategy or a bit of luck I might have gotten 3 stars. Here's what I did for the 2 stars.

1. NO dragons. I'm pretty sure I didn't use dragons that time I got 3 stars. Put mana crystals on the vents instead, to get the economy going.

2. Try to keep living walls on the two choke points, with mana crystals behind them to slow the heroes down if they break through (so your skeletons can get them). If possible, put a second living wall in front. When the living wall blows up, drop a skeleton if you can, and either replace the living wall or drop a mana crystal as a temporary block.

3. Save the jelly cube for when the ranger shows up, or if an epic knight is about to get through, and drop it directly on top of him.

4. Drop skeletons right behind heroes that are attacking something, because in most cases the skeletons are ignored while the hero whacks at the living wall or jelly cube.

5. I used slime for my 5th defense. You can drop it near a ranger and he will waste a shot, and it's good at damaging clumps of heroes too. Using a rat here might have salvaged my 2 stars into a 3 star, but I'm betting that more heroes would have gotten through without the slime.
Re: My Buddies and Me? 10/28/2011 10:06 AM CDT
I just managed to get 3 stars again, using approximately the strategy in my previous post.

Mana crystals
Living wall
Jelly cube

Starting: Mana crystals on the two vents, living wall on one choke point, hold jelly cube for other choke point when needed.

Early: One living wall on each of the two choke points. On one choke point, lots of mana crystals in front and at least one behind the living wall.

Work toward: Both choke points having one living wall, with mana several mana crystals in front and at least a couple behind. At least one jelly cube wandering around near the treasure.

Defense: Slime as you have it, particularly if you can use it to get a ranger to waste a shot. Any time that you see a hero attacking something and you have a skeleton, drop the skeleton behind the hero. Jelly cubes should be dropped directly on top of heroes when they might get through a choke point. Having the jelly cubes behind your choke points helps too, because when a hero does sneak through they have a good chance of getting taken by the jelly cubes.

The rangers will waste a lot of shots on those mana crystals in front of the living walls, giving you more time to take them out with a skeleton or slime.
Re: My Buddies and Me? 01/26/2012 10:55 AM CST

I managed to 3-star this with the following defenses:

Jelly Cube
Mana Crystal
Pack Rat

My general strategy was to keep as many moving blockers in the front of the level as possible. Every cooldown, you should build another Mana Crystal in the back half of the level. Since these don't really do anything but get you currency, just build them up liberally and, if anything gets through your forward defenses, it hopefully slows down long enough for the Gorks to whittle away.

In the front of the level, you should drop the Pack Rat and Gork every time it's off cooldown. If you build up the mana field in the back, money is not a problem.

Put down the slime every time it's off cooldown, and try to keep as many full vertical columns slimed as possible.

Save the Cube for Elites. You ABSOLUTELY want to get it on the Rangers. The Knights will move slowly enough that if you can keep them in the slime, they shouldn't get to the forward-most Mana Crystal.

With this, I never even had a group of heroes breach my Mana Field.

For clarification, the front half of the map is everything to the LEFT of the dividing wall. The back half of the map is everything to the RIGHT of this wall. Start building Mana Crystals on the vents, and then just fill the right half of the map. I tried to sweep from the back to the front.

The nice thing about this strategy is that the Pack Rats are great distractions. They can take a few punches, even from Knights, and generally sprint around fast enough to void a hit or two from regular heroes. Any time a hero stops to attack a defense, it should be rooted in slime and taking damage.

Hope this helps.
Re: My Buddies and Me? 02/03/2012 09:10 PM CST

I 3 starred it with dragons on the lava vents holding the line there with mana crystals blocking in front of them. skeles can bait hero special attacks and slimes for persistent dmg.
Re: My Buddies and Me? 02/04/2012 03:02 PM CST

Also living walls blocking the 2 choke pts