Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 09/20/2011 09:26 AM CDT
How is this level supposed to work? I get up to about 3 lava lobbers before the heroes totally overrun my defenses...

This is a tough one, any suggestions?
Re: Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 09/21/2011 02:21 AM CDT
nm, I figured it out. I hadn't realized up to this level that you can plant (almost) anything on top of a lava fissure and it gets more powerful. Previously I thought it was just crystals.

So by planting a volcano on a fissure, or a lightning tower on there, they become more powerful or get a longer reach. Neato.

Re: Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 09/23/2011 09:27 AM CDT
I'd like a few more details here.. I've tried the lightning tower on the vents, but it gets overrun too quickly. The initial cash doesn't support having more than one volcano, and the recharge is too long.
I've tried distracting the heroes, but the first epic comes in and gets clear too soon.
Re: Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 09/23/2011 07:22 PM CDT
I'm stuck here too. But I did get my Ring of Fire achievement here, by trying to replace my Lava Lobber (and using Recharge to cut the waiting time). I just can't keep that center lava vent protected for all the rounds, and when they break through when I don't have any good barriers ready to plant and the Recharge isn't ready either, I'm ruined. Baby dragons near the center vent where there's a Lava Lobber helped, by blowing the heroes back while the lava lobber got ready to smash them again, but it wasn't enough. That top lava vent... whatever I put there I can't afford to put enough barricades around it - I need those for the center. And I assume that the lava vent at the bottom should be used for a crystal, so that my economy ramps up faster at the start.
Re: Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 09/23/2011 09:02 PM CDT
I finally got a 1-star on this level! If I'd had one more slot and stocked a rat.... What I did was at the start used crystals on the middle and upper vents, and a lava lobber on the bottom vent. I worked to surround that bottom vent with crystals, and I put normal lava lobbers around the center vent, with barricades in front. I used a mixture of different last-minute defenses (ion cannon, bomb, lightning) plus lightning towers, and kept replacing the crystal in the upper vent but didn't try to protect it. I did stock the Recharge, but you have to be careful of when you use that - I only got one chance to use it, but it saved my bacon.

When the horde broke through my center, I stopped putting barricades there for a moment, until they were all through, then I used the Recharge and put a lava lobber on the center vent, and a barricade, and lightning tower, and worked to kill all the "inside" heroes before they could get through the barricade to meet with the few "outside" heroes that straggled in.

I'd love to see a better strategy, although at least part of my problem is that my hands are a bit slow and sometimes shaky. I play on an iPad, not an iPhone, with the x2 clicked (my eyesight also isn't so sharp, but x2 on iPad is easy enough for me to see).
Re: Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 09/24/2011 07:21 AM CDT

I haven't seen any "lava loggers". How did you get those?
Re: Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 09/24/2011 08:14 AM CDT
I unlocked by getting through Lightning Round I think. It looks like a volcano, and costs 100 mana. It's not one of the defenses you unlock with achievements, and I haven't gotten even one star at any levels past Fight Fire With Fire, so if you are on this level, it's there in your inventory. Look near the top when you are choosing; for some reason it's showing up there instead of near the bottom as it does in the Tinypedia.
Re: Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 09/24/2011 08:25 AM CDT
You get this by putting the lava lobber on top of the vent. After the level, it ends up in your defense book.
Ditto for the red dragon.
It doesn't give an additional entry for the lightning rod though.

Any others benefit from being on top of a vent?
Re: Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 09/24/2011 01:17 PM CDT
I did every unit and found that no others work.
Re: Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 09/24/2011 01:44 PM CDT
I don't see anything that is called anything like Lightening Bolt. It almost sounds like the games people are playing aren't consistent.
Re: Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 10/06/2011 07:39 PM CDT
Does anyone have any tips for 3 stars with this one? It's one of two that are keeping me from having all 3's...
Re: Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 10/08/2011 06:21 PM CDT
I actually came here looking for help for the next level, "They're Wizards, Harry" but since it seems a lot of people are struggling with this I thought I'd pipe in. Also, thanks for that tip about the red dragon, I'm going to have to try that out!

Warning, though! This strategy could change the entire game for you (making most levels too easy), because it's almost universal in it's success (so far) and it's not a hard strategy to pull off. Personally I don't mind it because there's still room in my inventory to play with other defenses and have fun, but still 3 star. And I go back to fun levels and try other stuff too.. anyways..

This strategy revolves around corners, the perforator, and towers (usually lightning is best). For this level I would definitely bring an extra tower, such as the tribalista if you have it, because your towers will likely get destroyed a lot. I thought of this strategy early in the game, and I've noticed that the heroes seem to really hate perforators, often approaching and retreating from them one or more times before walking on to them. This allows you plenty of time to damage them with towers and other defenses. Here's the basic premise of this strategy

. Wall
T Tower
X Perforator


This is a "best case" scenario, where you place a perforator on the path, after a wall ends. Then you surround the perforator with towers (lightning is best but use the tribalista in a pinch). Most heroes will come up all the way up to the perforator, but not actually activate it, getting blasted by towers, slimes, wall saws (or the upgraded one, which I haven't unlocked yet sadlY), or anything else you can get creative with. The hero will retreat, probably come back, retreat again, and finally decide to walk onto the perforator, where they will die, and create a wall for other heroes. You're protected from theives because your towers are close enough to the perforator to hit any theives that try to disarm.

Now, in this level you have to get creative because there's no easy, single corrider hallway. I used the starting point as the middle section, placing a lighting tower right around the corner (so basically right in the middle of the map), then 2 spaces below it. Put the lava lobber on the middle lava once you can. Build your towers diagonally down (in the same direction as that middle section), and build perforators diagonally down in front of them. From there on it's up to you. I added a second and third lava lobber, and used lightning and tar-bombs to slow down & damage big groups. Another favourite of mine to use with this strategy is slimes, because they cause persistent damage for the heroes who walk back and forth, trying to avoid the perforators.

Good luck. :)
Re: Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 02/03/2012 11:46 AM CST
To get 3 stars, I put crystals on all 3 vents, then put a wall 2 spots behind the middle vent in the diagonal. I used perforators in front of the wall, dragon, bombs and towers to keep the wall safe. I put a couple of lava lobbers behind the wall as well. I threw mana-crystals around the third vent. My original mistake was trying to defend the middle vent with a lava lobber on top. Putting a crystal on there generated mana and created a distraction to give me more time to arm or replenish my defense between the middle and last vent.
Re: Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 03/30/2012 05:25 PM CDT

what the hell are perforators and all this??? how do you beat this level with out all these upgrades/how do you get these upgrades???
Re: Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 03/30/2012 05:33 PM CDT
In my video solution of this level ( ) I do use perforator but you could replace that with floor spikes and just be more watchful that the heroes don't get past you.

You unlock perforator by getting a combination of achievements. On the main screen of the game, click the Achievements icon to get a list of all the achievements. That tells you want you need to do to unlock tribal-ista, perforator, wall press, etc.

Tcarr9's Tiny Heroes video walkthroughs are available on YouTube:
Re: Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 04/05/2012 07:05 PM CDT
i do exactly what it does in the video just without the crab-mana-crystal-things and i can't beat it. how do i get this crab-thing??
Re: Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 04/05/2012 07:29 PM CDT
The mana crab is part of the defense pack that you can purchase for 99 cents. You should be able to beat the level without it; it just gives you a much needed boost to the economy early in the level. Since my hands are slow and when I record the videos I'm even slower due to that HDMI cable hanging down the side of the iPad, I need the edge that a mana crab gives me.

Tcarr9's Tiny Heroes video walkthroughs are available on YouTube:
Re: Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 06/28/2012 10:52 AM CDT
Lava lobbers are expensive and take too long to recharge for this level in my opinion.
I 3* this level by placing a living wall in the square to the bottom left of the middle vent, this completely blocks the path off. Then build up spikes in front and towers (esp. lightning towers) behind. Make liberal use of bombs, slime etc. to damage heroes on the way in, and build plenty of mana crystals behind.
For me the barricade was breached in the final wave but all heroes were sufficiently damaged, and I had enough mana to panic build spikes and ballistas along with bombing whoever was left.
Hope this adds another idea to the mix, could be combined with a lava lobber tactic?
Re: Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 12/07/2012 03:44 PM CST
no lava lobbers aloud this level requires better defenses like gorgans clock things that make all your
defenses ready immeadyitly and mana crabs and the ion cannon(if you have the defense pack if not use
normal defenses like these)spires,the peforater,gargoyle statues,tri-ballistas,fire balls,living walls lightning towers,and super mana crystals(if you don't have the first four)beat a theif in the night
using only floor spikes and mana crystals,earn three stars in gorks gone wild,protect one of your starting traps in it takes an epic thief,earn three stars in wizard of gauze without placing any mana
crystals,tell the world about tiny heroes(with a few pushes of some buttons)earn 3 stars on hold the
line,eat 25 heroes with mimics,beat a level while you have 25 skeletons in your closet er...dungeon,
build four lava lobbers in the same dungeon,digest ten heroes with the jelly cube,scorch two epic
wizards with the same fire ball stun 8 heroes with the same living wall explosion,cover one of your own traps in slime and tar then blow it up,blast 15 heroes at once with a single lava lobber,drop 11
jelly cubes on 11 epic thieves once you earn all these level become easy.if you have the defense pack
all the levels are a breeze exept for eye of the storm and that's all i have to say

Re: Tips for level "Fight Fire With Fire" 03/30/2014 02:51 PM CDT

Guys, i got three stars on it. It took me a few tries but i got it. I love perforators, because they are invincible walls whenever they are up. What i did was i put down a perforator on the middle choke point and then guarded it with lightning towers. I also put in a lava libber in the far right vent, and it worked fine for me.