eye of the storm 09/11/2011 12:08 AM CDT
any tips for this one. I seem to be stumped
Re: eye of the storm 09/12/2011 11:29 PM CDT

slime.... lots and lots of slime.
Re: eye of the storm 09/12/2011 11:42 PM CDT
Ew. :p

-- Tiny Heroes Designer
Re: eye of the storm 09/13/2011 12:19 AM CDT

If you can't stand the slime, get off the slide. Its a big boys playground.
Re: eye of the storm 09/13/2011 12:31 AM CDT
A Slip 'n Slide was my inspiration for one of the challenge levels in Sorcerer's Keep. >_>

-- Tiny Heroes Designer
Re: eye of the storm 09/13/2011 06:19 PM CDT
Mana crystal, slime, both defenses, balista and lighting orb, repair. Whatever else. I started off by blocking off the center and moved my way towards the front of the entrance. Yep, I agree, slime is the key.
Re: eye of the storm 09/18/2011 10:35 PM CDT

I used a different strategy. It wasn't perfect, but got me through with the one required star.

Put one Lava Lobber down in the chamber closest the treasure on the lava cracks to create a Magma Mauler. Then put Mana Crystals down on the lava cracks in the center chamber to generate lots of mana. (When those fill up I even put some down in the front of the level. They are eventually destroyed, but in the meantime you can reap the fruits of their labor.) Next, begin filling the center chamber with Floor Spikes from the side the heroes enter, and projectile defenses from the side closest to the treasure. (I recommend the Lightning Towers as they will not burn up in the fire fights!)At this point you can probably create another Magma Mauler in the chamber closest to the treasure.

The Magma Maulers, Spikes and projectiles will do a lot of work. But you've gotta be ready to play this one in "real time". Replacing projectiles and spikes as they are destroyed or disarmed, and fighting off heroes with Lightning Blasts, Rock Drops, Fire Blasts, etc.

Oh, it also helps to throw down some of the Sticky Tar in the center chamber when lots of heroes in are in there. It will naturally ignite because of the lava cracks and do some damage to all of them. Just make sure you are using non-flammable defenses!

It took a couple of tries to perfect the timing and such, but it worked for me!
Re: eye of the storm 09/20/2011 11:22 PM CDT
Block the first choke point with the living wall. Fill the center corridor leading to it with wall spikes (or wall blades if you don't have the spiked wall). Every time you can place a mana crystal, set on on a hot spot. Do not place anything in a straight line behind the living wall or they will eventually get destroyed by the Ranger and his piercing shot. In the center chamber start filling it with lightning towers.

When the waves start coming wait until they get in front of the living wall and drop a slime there. They should kill it filling the area with acid. This is your death zone. Everytime the acid wears off, put in another one. When they destroy the wall, replace it while they are stunned. The combination of spikes and acid will keep them at bay. Replace any traps that get destroyed along the way and you'll be good to go. I was able to send out waves in advance with this tactic.
Re: eye of the storm 09/25/2011 01:11 PM CDT
Thanks MACGYVER92! I used a variation of your strategy and finally managed to survive - and 3 stars at that, although I had my doubts there with the final wave.
Re: eye of the storm 09/25/2011 02:00 PM CDT

This was rather easy with the 1.0 slime (haven't tried with 1.1), and the perforator unlock.

The focus is on the central left-right corridor.
Put your mana crystals in the very rear (3x vents) and around there.
Put sacrificial mana crystals on the front vents.
Along the central line, put two fire-dragons
Start putting volcanos on the top and bottom vents.
Throw in some lightning towers to either side of the entrance to the center room
Put the perforator at the very entrance to the room and start working outwards
Slime liberally along the central corridor.

The heroes come in and get blown back for another shot of slime and spikes. Most of their time is spent whacking at the perforator, which doesn't take any damage. The lightning towers deter the thieves at first, and the dragons get them the rest of the time.

After your front two mana crystals get destroyed too often, start putting in lightning towers in those nooks to further deter those pesky thieves.

With this strategy, the heroes (almost) never get into the central room.
You do have to keep replacing/repairing your dragons though - they take a lot of abuse.
When the 6 vent-volcanos are going.. heroes tend to die quickly :)
Re: eye of the storm 09/26/2011 08:35 PM CDT
Thanks to WHERESTHETROLLS' solution I finally got my Caught in the Rain achievement!
Re: eye of the storm 09/30/2011 01:16 AM CDT
Yes, thanks WHERESTHETROLLS! I also used your strategy and it worked like a charm!
Re: eye of the storm 10/06/2011 03:41 PM CDT

U should start by picking Lightning tower,slime,perforator,lavalobber, mana crystal,wall press and any other defenses you want. Start by planting mana crystals near the end of the dungeon path. After u got a good amount put a few lighting towers near the entrance. Put some wall presses where possible and alos put a perforator near one of the 3 entrances. Put it near the towers, so it doesn't get disarmed. If possible put some slime near the entrances.Your towers should be destroyed pretty easyily. But it'll leave you enought time to get some mana. Put some lobbers on the side of the middle of the dungeon. Only on the sides or it'll get destroyed. After recharges, continue putting peroratores and lobbers. With this method you should get 3 stars.
Re: eye of the storm 01/10/2013 06:13 AM CST
what i did for this one is use the barricade,floor spikes, wall blades, (The perforator and wall press are more effective), mana crystal ,lightning tower and bolt,fire blast, and jelly cube.

put mana crystals on the two non center lava cracks in the back, and when ever you can inch forward along the side so that the entire main cavern has crystals in the gaps on the side. put the wall press or blades in the little gap that leads into the main cavern that every one must go through, and a perforator of floor spikes right behind it, so when thieves walk up to it the wall blade/press distracts them and they walk into the floor whatever. put a barricade right behind the floor spikes so people must stand on it to break the barricade. put a jelly cube in the middle (just in case anyone gets through) and whenever you have some nasty heroes to kill, just drop one on them. put lightning towers every where, particularly behind the barricade ( and lots of em) but not in a straight line, because of ranger shots and wizard blasts. put another set of wall blades then floor spikes then wall blades in the main tunnel so that even if a their comes from the other side, they still get distracted. use the lightning bolt and fire whenever you need to, and it should work out!!!!!!!