Let's Make a Deal 02/16/2012 06:14 AM CST

I can't seem to make enough manna to establish any lasting defense. Any input is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Love this game. :-)
Re: Let's Make a Deal 02/16/2012 06:25 AM CST
It's easier to have enough mana if you buy the defense pack, because then you can stock mana crab as well as mana crystal.

My general approach to this level is this:

1. Spam mana (and mana crab if available) near the treasure room.

2. Spam defenses in the main room. If you put enough defenses there, the heroes won't even get to the doors. Just keep replacing any that get broken.

3. When an epic shows up, bomb him fast.

Which defenses you use depend on what you have unlocked. Lightning tower, tribal-ista, gork, perforator, whatever. Slime is good too.

If you tell me exactly what defenses you have available I can try to pick out a set that will work.
Re: Let's Make a Deal 02/16/2012 09:50 AM CST

Hi, TCARR9. I've always found your entries helpful. It's no surprise to me that you're the first to respond. Thanks.

I don't have the defense pack (mostly out of pride). And I've only unlocked the tribalista, perforator and wallpress along with the basic defenses available. The 3 points you've listed are what I've been trying to do all along but somehow near the end of the level, I don't have enough mana to reload my defenses then I lose all my mana as well.

Thanks again for coming to my aid.
Re: Let's Make a Deal 02/16/2012 11:35 AM CST
This way worked for me just now:

mana crystal
perforator (only used one and it might not have been needed)
(there are more slots - fill them with whatever your emergency defenses are)

1. Spam mana crystals near the treasure.

2. One gork in one of the rear corners of the main room. When he dies, put in another gork either in that corner or elsewhere.

3. Spam tribal-istas in the main room, starting at the rear, replacing as needed.

4. When the first epic knight came in, I dropped a perforator on top of him, which put it near the entrance. I don't remember whether I also had to bomb him, but I think he killed my first gork. I'm not sure that the perforator is even needed; bomb might have been enough.

5. Any time an epic enters, use bomb. When it's two epic knights at once, drop the bomb between them. You may have to drop a second gork too. It might take a bit of practice to get the timing right; you have to drop the bomb a bit ahead of the heroes because it takes a while before it explodes.

I used bomb twice when there wasn't an epic knight around, once to kill thieves that were trying to disable the perforator, and once in the final wave. Have to make sure that you don't use the bomb too soon before the next epic knight shows up.

If you have slime, skeleton, lightning tower, lightning blast - these are all good too. They are unlocked in the Sorceror's Keep campaign.