Hallway to Hell 02/02/2012 09:23 PM CST
I was having a blast and feeling over-confident about my abilities with the doors, getting 3 stars the first time on all the normal levels (and skipping the challenge levels for now).

Then I ran into the Hallway to Hell. Aptly named.

I don't want a walkthrough, but a discussion of tips or general strategies, or even which are the best defenses to stock (I only get 5?????) would be most appreciated.

There are 10 levels in The Ruins, and I bet level 9 or 10 is another challenge level. It's going to be a while before I finish this campaign....
Re: Hallway to Hell 02/02/2012 10:11 PM CST
Aha - got it! 3 stars too. Now can I remember what I did???? LOL

Mana crystal
Mana crab
Wall blades
Lightning tower

Mostly I ignored the doors, just treated them like barricades. Heck most of the time I was ignoring the heroes and just looking for a good place to plant whatever had recharged. Focused my defenses at the rear. Wall blades wherever they could go that heroes walk, as they recharged, starting at the rear. Spam mana and mana crabs. Gorks and lightning towers in the center section and in the alcoves. Had a hero or three make it into the treasure room, but I dropped a gork at the edge and the gork took him out with the treasure falling inside the treasure room.

Rather hectic though. Whew....
Re: Hallway to Hell 12/09/2012 06:40 PM CST
I did it with mana crystal, ballista, wall blades, floor spikes and lightning tower. Put mana crystals on the top and bottom at the back. Four (two on each side) will be enough. Put lightning tower with three ballistas in front of it in the room (replace as needed). Open the doors to the room. Put floor spikes in front of the doors, and wall blades before and after. Add wall blades wherever they fit. The heroes will walk along the paths getting hit by the wall blades, will turn once they see the mana crystals and go in the room where it will not take much to finish them off.