The long and short of it 02/09/2012 03:06 AM CST

I am please to announce that I have found another way to beat this wave apart from the method which was suggested by TIXXY

My defenses:

Floor Spikes
Wall Blades
Optional (Rock Drop, Fire blast, Jelly cube etc)

The main strategy is to utilize the whole map. At the beginning, focus on placing wall blades and floor spikes at the first corridor, then second corridor. Your aim here is to place them next to each other so that the thiefs are not able to dismantle the floor spikes. Slime should also be used on first wave (couple of seconds before to get max effort) and each available opportunity for it to slime the 1st and second corridor without get smashed by heroes. Bombs are basically used to slow down the heroes to get max damage from the traps and slime.

Optional is really up to u all. It works with rock drop and fire blast to deal that extra damage when a long stretch of heroes approach. All u can be like me just leaving jelly cubes at the bottom of the map, accumulating them and any surviving heroes who make it till the end will get... ^^

I got three stars first time with this method and always 3 stars when ever i play again. This map is really easy using this method. Hope it helps!
Re: The long and short of it 02/13/2012 12:19 PM CST
you sir, are a legend amongst men!
Re: The long and short of it 02/15/2012 05:34 AM CST

Bro do you mind posting a video walk through? Ive tried this for at least 600 times and cant do it =( Thanks!
Re: The long and short of it 03/02/2012 11:04 AM CST
Well this allowed me to at least get 1 star, with my last treasure dropped on the very first square of the map...whew. Man - they made this thing tough. Gonna try to improve this.
Re: The long and short of it 03/02/2012 11:57 AM CST
I have had a lot of luck getting 3 stars using the strategy that Tixxy posted in this thread:

Tixxy said:

Baby Dragon
Lava Lobber
Lightning Tower
Floor Spikes

The main Purpose of the defense is to keep the enemies in the first long and at worst the first turn. Using my method, they never breached the second long. I first threw down a baby dragon in the upper corner of the first turn. I then put a lava Lobber on the 2nd lava spot upgrading it to a magma Mauler. The entire first long needs to be floor spikes. Drop a slime at the beginning, this will typically keep Epic Thieves off of them. On the first lava spot, put another baby dragon to make a Red Dragon. This will damage and momentarily stun the enemy. The rest of the spaces in the first turn and 2nd long should be Lightning Towers. Continue putting lava Lobbers around the first you made. Use slimes when possible, but save if you see an Epic Wizard. Slimes make great distractions. If a thief takes out one of your floor spikes, replace it immediately with either floor spike, lightning tower, baby dragon, in that order. Not only will these other defenses do some more damage, they can also eat the fireballs. Just keep up a continuous stream of slimes, save baby dragons and lightning towers as replacements and you got it.