The Hero factory 11/29/2011 10:15 PM CST

Anyone have advice for 3 stars on this level. I have gotten close, but never 3 stars. Tips?
Re: The Hero factory 01/25/2012 10:21 PM CST
Ha! I finally did it! I thought it wasn't going to happen. Here's what I used:

Spire (the pokey barricade)--I'm guessing Living Wall would also work
Lightning Tower
The Perforator
Wall Press

I actually tried this combo many times before I got it to work. The key seems to be defense in depth.

Part 1:
Create barricaded (or Spired)bottlenecks near the front of each path. Put the block right in front of the wide spaces so you can concentrate the attackers and put lots of attacking things behind. I don't know if it's important, but I put 2 wall presses, a barricade and 2 catapults at the bottom, and as many tribalistas off to the side as possible. In the middle, I put as many perforators in the opening as I could (although I left the bottom spots of the opening for two tribalistas to fire at thieves trying to disarm the traps), a block of some kind, tribalistas off to the side and lightning towers (at least 2 deep) right behind (and eventually a catapult behind them). I would immediately slime the top path while building the bottom two, and built the top last: 2 wall presses in the narrow bit, a block, as many lightning towers as I could behind the block and the tribalistas off to the side. You can do MOST of this before the first wave comes, and while they might take out your block in the first wave center, you'll probably have another block coming quickly.

Part 2:
This is the crucial part. While you're holding off the non-epic waves out front (occasionally adding a new catapult, replacing busted tribalistas and lightning towers and blocks, adding as many perferators and thief-distractors as possible in the wide entrances), you need to start building back down the corridors. I think what's important is to have a 2nd set of blocked defenses (just like the first level) right down the path. I always put the tribalistas in the side alcoves, because they do nasty damage to people moving past blocks. Also, they can't be epic rangered. I also like to put one or two catapults right behind blocks and wall presses right in front. You MUST have the defense in depth, because the first line will not hold against the wave of epics.

Part 3:
The epics hit. At this point, it's just a scramble. Your two main enemies are the rangers up top (who can shoot through all your defenses in a row) and the wizards down bottom in the 2nd wave. The epic knights (1st wave bottom) move slowly enough that you can generally whittle them down in the first set of defenses. Epic thieves and clerics are meh. With wizards (I think the wizards are more dangerous than rangers), I drop slimes, spare tribalistas and whatever else I can to waste their fireballs whilst their standing in the wall presses and then add as much up front defense as they walk past as you can so that when they get to defense level 2, they're toast. With rangers (they come mid in the 2nd or 3rd wave of epics), I just replace whatever they kill as fast as possible and reset the blocks.

Part 4:
At some point, the epics go away for a few waves, and then you have to try to rebuild your frontline defenses (plus any damage to the 2nd set), so that when the last wave of epics come, you can kill them when they won't get past your 2nd set.

Honestly, I tried and tried a bunch of times, and the only thing I can think is that I got faster at placing things. That may be what makes it all work--constantly putting stuff down as fast as you can. Don't forget slimes, but try to save them when you know epic wizards are coming.

It might be that this only works once in a while, but it did for me. I'd be curious to hear what others did.
Re: The Hero factory 01/26/2012 05:16 PM CST

Truly well-struck. And quite admirably explained as well.
Re: The Hero factory 01/27/2012 09:44 PM CST
Blushes Gosh, thanks!

I'm never the first to anything when it comes to gaming achievements, so I think you just got 30-some years of pent-up gaming advice. I'll keep it shorter next time. :)
Re: The Hero factory 02/05/2012 12:32 AM CST

After struggling with this for a while, I actually am able to three star it really easily now. Here are four key points:

* you need to set up the top path and the bottom path so that once you're about halfway through, you can ignore the top and bottom paths
* the bottom path NEVER has thieves of any kind throughout the level.
* the top path has three Epic thieves about midway through but if you handle them there are no other thieves.
* set up from the rear and build forward.

I've taken a shot of what my setup looks like at the end part.

Top row - border two wall presses followed by three perforators. Put the electrical towers above.
Bottom row - build nothing but wall presses and spikes, two electical towers in the far right corner (so they can't be hit by epic wizards). That will kill literally everything that walks through and you'll never have to replace the towers.
Middle row - pack this sucker full of catapults, tribalistas, and ballistas. Put perforators after you're done with the perforators in the top row as well and make sure to put something around them so that you can nail the thieves trying to disable them. Slime all the time.

Use the things I've got in the picture. Let's put it this way, I had time to scroll the screen back and forth to take screenshots - and notice I didn't even bother putting anything down anymore!
Re: The Hero factory 03/18/2012 08:52 PM CDT
Got a real easy way to take this one down with three starts with virtually no offense. Equip yourself with every blocking/barricade defense you can and stop up the top and middle lanes for the first wave. All you are trying to do is get one of the weaker cleric heroes to get through and grab the treasure. From there, just keep her close to the treasure room with barricades, living walls, and especially fake walls which send her back to the treasure room. Follow her moves closely because after the last wave has come and gone, you want to place a fake wall to send her back the to treasure room and then quickly block off the entrance with whatever blockade is off of cool down. Then, place a lightning tower behind that blockade which will make short work of her, dropping the treasure right back where it needs to be to earn you three stars. You're essentially using her as a pack rat and offing her at the very end.