Snake Eyes 11/25/2011 12:50 AM CST
Any help on this level? I feel like the most success I've had is with dragons, oil, bombs, slime and floor spikes. The dragons keep the heroes in the 'kill chamber' where slime, spike, oil and bombs does a good job killing them. Until the epic rangers show and cut through the dragons opening a hole they just pour out of.

I've also tried many strategies around taking lava lobbers to take advantage of the vents once they burn off the barricades. But I'm just not making enough mana to afford them.

So, even just a list of defenses you took that got you through (even if you didn't 3-star it) would be helpful.
Re: Snake Eyes 11/25/2011 07:38 AM CST
I got a one star victory using dragons, bomb, slime, spikes and the looker. Killed the last epic knight with my last remaining treasure very close to the door by dropping a bomb on him.

Not much of a victory really. Got a feeling that a combination of looker and slime is needed to make use of the perforators, but I'm sure that there is a better way than this.
Re: Snake Eyes 11/27/2011 07:55 PM CST
I ended up beating it (*) with exactly that load out. Set up the dragons in a staggered pattern. If they went off in the right order, they could move a whole batch of heroes back to the beginning. Still close but it got done.
Re: Snake Eyes 01/31/2012 08:10 PM CST

Ok after lots of trial and error I finally managed 3 star this level. I took floor spikes, slime, baby dragon, bomb and rock drop.

Drop a slime right at the entrance at the start of the level and a dragon in the top path all the way to the right. Once u have the mana drop a few floor spikes in the top corridor and a dragon in the bottom corridor facing the top corridor. Keep dropping spikes and slime in the top corridor and central room. Use the bomb to keep the epics in the slime as long as possible and drop the rock when there's a few heroes (especially a few epics) in the top path.
When ur dragon comes off cool down drop one on the lava near the entrance facing up (after the barricades are destroyed by the lava) and another pair on the right side to guard the treasure room if necessary (not on the lava though, and I didn't end up needing the dragon near the treasure room)

I got it first time with that load out.
Re: Snake Eyes 03/16/2012 02:09 PM CDT

That worked perfectly. I got one star easy but using dragons to keep the epics in the corridor with floor spikes and slime made it really straightforward to get three stars.
Re: Snake Eyes 03/19/2012 10:27 PM CDT
Walkthrough *SPOILER ALERT*

What you bring:
1. Slime
2. Floor Spikes
3. Lightning Tower
4. Baby Dragon
5. Bombs

1. When the level starts put a baby dragon at the very end of the long corridor above the large middle room.

2. Next start laying floor spikes along the entire rest of the top corridor. You should have six and then the baby dragon at the end.

3. At the same time start laying the slime down along the corridor as well. Drop this down whenever its needed, only a few thieves come at the end so you wont have to worry about much losing them.

4. While doing this you will also want to build the lightning tower defense in the big middle room. Try and have 5 of them, one right next to each of the large floor spikes and one at the exit of the middle room to block any of the heroes who may get close.

5. Once you have the top corridor filled with floor spikes fill the middle room other than the 4 spots for the towers with floor spikes. Basically it make a cross formation of them to give you a better visualization.

6. Use the bombs to help kill off the epic wizards and rangers.

I have never had a single hero even get to my lightning tower that I use as a last effort block and three star it every time with ease with the above. Enjoy!