Help for tiny tidal wave 11/14/2011 08:52 AM CST

Hi, can anyone help with some strategies for tiny tidal wave? Thanks!
Re: Help for tiny tidal wave 11/14/2011 04:31 PM CST
For some reason the Tiny Tidal Wave thread is over in the Carl's Fun House part of the forum.
Re: Help for tiny tidal wave 11/15/2011 07:11 AM CST

That thread doesn't really help...can anyone post a proper walkthrough or a screenshot please?

Re: Help for tiny tidal wave 11/19/2011 09:03 AM CST
The idea is to make the heroes never to cross your barricade. You have to replace(barricade or living wall..cant remember what i used) everytime its ruined in order to keep your mana and lava safe. The rest is "simple" have to use the wall press defense,ballista, gorks, light. towers, use bombs and keep building lava lobbers. I used gorks instead of spikes because gorks make the heroes lose more time inside the wall press. Sometimes heroes get into the corridor but you have to kill them before they damage your lava lobbers. Without lava lobbers you are doomed :)

Took me a long time to complete it because you have to be fast, accurate and lucky but the tactic is that simple.
Re: Help for tiny tidal wave 11/23/2011 07:16 PM CST

can anyone post a screenshot? I can manage to get wallpresses everywhere possible, 4 lava lobbers, lightning towers around my barricades and living walls and barricades up against the wallpresses.

Once the epic wizards and epic rangers start coming they just break through faster than you can rebuild, yes I'm trying to drop mana crystals and ballistas to distract them but that still doesn't work.
Re: Help for tiny tidal wave 01/31/2012 06:34 PM CST
Use: barricade, living wall, lava lobber, wall press, floor spike, lightning tower, bomb.

Basic strategy:
- Protect central chokepoint w/wall press & barricade. Mana crystals & 5 lava lobbers behind this chokepoint. Heroes MUST NOT EVER get through this central chokepoint.

Key tactics:
- Place lava lobbers THE INSTANT they're available. Seconds count.
- Build a trio of: wall presses, barricade, and 2-3 lightning towers in each of the 3 corridors. Keep heroes confined to the corridors for as long as possible.
- Pop a few extra mana crystals behind your towers, in top & bottom corridor. You'll lose them eventually but they'll give you just enough extra mana so you can place those lava lobbers right away.
- Distract epic heroes/wizards with mana crystals & lightning towers at the entry way of the top & bottom corridors. They'll waste their big punches on these and your barricades will last a bit longer. In the center corridor, put a strip of floor spikes (wait till after the first 2 waves go by, which both have thieves running down the central corridor). If you time all this right, heroes won't bust through your front line till about wave 2.
- Start sprinkling floor spikes after your barricades - these will help when your first line of barricades finally fails. Epic thieves will strip them out sooner or later but just keep dropping floor spikes.
- When millions of epics totally bust through to the chokepoint, do not panic! Place your 4th and 5th lava lobbers at all costs. Drop random stuff in front of your heroes as fast as you can and trust in your 5 lava lobbers to save the day. (Sometimes I get organized and actually manage to re-form the original defense lines; sometimes I switch to an all-floor-spike approach; and sometimes I just panic and throw random stuff down in any random order). Luckily the heroes seem to get confused easily at the chokepoint and often will back up and wander around a little bit once you put something in front of them. When you are down to the last 5 epic heroes and that last irritating cleric, you can start to breathe easier.

I get 3 stars consistently with this approach. Screenshots to follow
Re: Help for tiny tidal wave 01/31/2012 06:54 PM CST

well, screenshots would have followed if I could figure out how to post screenshots. :)
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Well there's always uploading the image to a webserver, then just posting the link to the image. I don't see any way to add an image either. The "formatting tips" link doesn't mention images, and some of the formatting tips are clearly different than the way formatting is done for vBulletin, phpBB, and other forums I'm familiar with.
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OK, here's the screenshots:

sorry for small size, had to email them all to myself and am nearly up against my data plan limit for the month.
Re: Help for tiny tidal wave 02/14/2012 10:26 AM CST
I have another solution today.
This path without any walls like barricade or living one.
I use Gorks and Ballistas.
First step is fill far passage with Mana Crystal (Main Priority)
Second step fill central path with five Gork
Third step use Wall Press in the all places where it is possible.
Four step After Wall Press use one Floor Spikes and then Lightning Tower
Five step use Lava Lobber at the conner of upper path. Then simmetrycaly too
Last step constraction is two Lava Lobber at the far passage up and down from middle path.
Use steps in circle.

When starting EPIC heroes use Floor Spikes with place where been killed Gorks.
Use the Bomb everywere!
And you finish with 3 stars.

Re: Help for tiny tidal wave 03/01/2012 03:43 PM CST
Very solid screenshots...used the same method, not a single epic got past the first level of defense ever. thanks