Panic at the Dungeon 10/27/2011 03:13 AM CDT
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Re: Panic at the Dungeon 11/02/2011 09:10 PM CDT
Directly in front of the column of spring traps, there are two 2x2 wall segments that leave 3 entries into the rear portion of the dungeon. I used barricades to block the top and bottom entrances. Between each of these two barricades and the preplaced spring trap, I place a lava lobber. This arrangement funnels all the heroes into the center entrance.

Behind the center entrance, there is another 2x2 wall segment. Behind this wall, I place 2 catapults in line with the entrance. I also place a barricade on the top and the bottom of this wall directly behind the preplaced spring traps. Notice that the bottom barricade closes off an open path for the heroes below the 2x2 wall, so they will all take the upper path. Don't complete the wall with a final barricade, or the heroes will just start attacking the barricades.

While building these defenses, I am also building mana crystals in the 2 rear columns of tiles. In the rest of the space between the front line and the mana crystals, I build lightning towers toward the front and catapults toward the rear. It can also be helpful to place additional lava lobbers (or perhaps magma maulers) as part of the rear defenses when possible.

Finally, I place floor spikes in and in front of the entryway. I also use bombs and slime to increase the damage in this area. I also place slime and extra lightning towers to draw the fire of epic wizards and epic rangers before they reach the rear defenses to limit the damage. As the heroes inevitably damage your rear defenses, be sure to replace them.
Re: Panic at the Dungeon 11/03/2011 04:29 AM CDT

Thanks - I actually figured this out yesterday (should have updated, sorry), using pretty much this tactic. I blocked up the top and bottom columns and focused everything through the centre, where I lightning'd, bombed and lava'd it to death. Anything making it through got sprung back to the entrance, and I filled the entire first area with spikes.

Have now 2-starred the final two, working on how to get three!
Re: Panic at the Dungeon 11/18/2011 05:11 AM CST

Using that tactic i nailed the 3stars at the first attempt.

I was failing because i was placing lava on the rear magma spots but you should let those for mana crystals as you need alot of mana to replace your defenses.

So, as CRIMSONTIGER said, barricade the top north and south middle entrance and place lava lobbers there between the springtraps and the barricades. Put a line or two of mana in the rear, lightning towers and catapults next to it...also keep putting spikes between the springtraps and lightning towers and dont forget to use slime to stop the thieves from desarming it. I also used rats for the fireballs and epic arrows. Skeletons are cheaper but rats are tougher and faster making the heroes lose more time with them. I also had to barricade the rear top north entrance as heroes have a "crush" on that passage. On the last waves i was already making a high defense making damage at the entrance. Oh....and bombs to shake the heroes...bombs are good because heroes get stunned for 2 secs and in that time frame you can see where you need to replace your defenses.

I know its seems easy just by reading it but you have to be fast and clear. Dont be upset if you dont have it on the first 10 attempts...then you need to start worrying about your skills :D
Re: Panic at the Dungeon 11/22/2011 05:48 PM CST

Great Tactics CrimsonTiger, it took me a few goes but I got there in the end with 3*.
The last wave was particularly annoying bashing through a few times, but finally with the 2 lines of crystals, the blocked off paths with the Barricades, the lava lobbers causing trouble, the lightning zapping, the Floor Spikes in the front room constantly covered with Slime and the Catapults shooting onto the springs, the last wave got annihilated while still on the springs. I also used the Rock Drop a couple of times, the last time being on the last wave when all the epic thieves are running through the middle, it just helped that little bit to injure them.
Two Roads and Release the Hounds still left to do...
Re: Panic at the Dungeon 02/01/2012 08:55 AM CST

I did a different approach: blocked the middle & bottom, forced all the heroes up to the top. Then, make a couple of barricades just to the right of the top couple spring traps. This forces the heroes to walk all the way down the whole line of spring traps. Behind the barricades, lightning towers; and lava lobbers placed just around corners so archers wouldn't get them. Spikes, slime everywhere in the open floor area; crystals, mana towers & living walls plopped at front entrances, and sometimes scattered in the open area to take fireballs. 3-starred it on second try this way. It seemed fairly leisurely ... I had a lot of lightning towers left over and started decorating the whole dungeon with them. Heroes busted my barricades a couple times but it was pretty easy to get it back under control. They never got past the spring traps.

Screen shot at:

It's critical to make your archers & epic wizards waste their big shots on minor targets when they are still in the open area.

Also, it was on this level that I realized that little scattered mana crystals out in the open are great for slowing down epic wizards - they'll actually back up a few paces to take one out, and they waste their fireball. Mana crystals make surprisingly good emergency barricades, too.