Two roads 10/07/2011 09:53 PM CDT
The advice is so snide, I can barely eke out one star
Re: Two roads 10/15/2011 12:47 PM CDT

Can anyone please share some strategies??
Re: Two roads 10/25/2011 09:02 AM CDT

i can only get 1 star on it. i was just happy to get that and keep on playing the dungeon levels. they got easier after 2 roads.

i use spikes, volcanos, lightning stands, living walls and goo, saw blades, lightning and spring traps i think. i'll focus on it next n post whats useful when i get to three stars
Re: Two roads 10/25/2011 09:03 AM CDT

oh, but the hints seem to indicate its easier to fortify one of the roads first, and then once that's built up, fortify the other road. i think i got my one star by doing that, and then getting them to leave through the bottom road, and killing him. other heroes come in the top, see it empty, and leave. then i just have to fortify the bottom road. i guess a pack rat would be useful here for at the end to just put the treasure back.
Re: Two roads 10/28/2011 09:26 AM CDT

lava lobbers/magma maulers, red dragons, lightning stands, living walls, boulder drop and flamethrower, oh and green goo. managed to bump up my score from 1 star to 3 stars.
Re: Two roads 11/02/2011 02:48 AM CDT
Finally got three stars on this after I stoped trying to brute force it, and played it the way the designer intended (I believe).

Mana Crystal
Lava Lobber
Lightning Tower
Floor Spikes
Living Wall
Magic Wall

Place mana crystal on all lava floors except the top 2 front ones. Then crystals in the back half of top lane. Start by living wall the square to the bottom right of lava fissure. This blocks off the first 'room' on the top path, but isn't in piercing arrow range from corridor. Behind this stack room with lightning towers and lava lobbers (on fissures). Fill corridor in front with floor spikes and use slimes on it regularly, (keeping track of epic thieves, rangers and wizards). Use pack rats as piercing arrow and fireball bait, using slimes as well and even living walls I'd necessary. Replace entrance living wall as soon as it explodes.

That's the normal bit. The trick is to let the bottom lane go unprotected and use a magic wall on the very end of it twice, once when the first epic ranger has got the treasure and is heading back. This should send both ranger and knight up to the top lane, and into a mass of lightning towers. Repeat the magic wall trick when second set of two Heros are returning also, sending them to top lane. I had to throw a few scramble defended at them when they got to lightning towers, but when dead all 4 treasure sits safely behind your defense while all Herod on bottom lane get to the vault, see it empty and return empty handed. Once the last Herod from bottom lane are exiting, throw a couple of pack rats at the treasure and claim your 3 stars.

Spent so long on this level and was a bit disappointed I couldn't use any of the bought defended on it. I understand they are a bit over powered, but using at least one would have made me feel like I hadn't just wasted my money. Ah, who am I kidding, I would have bought them anyway, this game is just that good.

Now I just need to beat Missdirection to complete my 3 stars for everything. Anyone got tips?
Re: Two roads 11/23/2011 07:13 AM CST

Finally 3* this after using the fine instructions from FERAKIII. Thanks!
You basically build up a stronghold in the top first room that they get to.
Crystals on all the lava squares except the front 2.
One lava lobber on the top first lava square and the 2nd when you can afford it/when it becomes available again on the lower path first lava square.
Like FERAKIII said, you stick a living wall diagonally down from the top left lava square blocking their entrance into the first room. Then fill the room with lightning. Fill the path heading to the first top room with spikes and slime and keep applying the slime when it runs out and replace things that get blown up.
Keep an eye out on the first few people that go down the bottom channel and when they reach the gold room, they pick up the gold.
If they go to the top channel, that's great.
IF they start heading down and wanting to head out down the lower passage, put a fake wall on the first bit where you can, this makes them bump into it and turn around back into the gold room and up to the top path.
When they go up the top they will walk into your lightning room and get zapped. Maybe put some spikes on the top path to weaken them a bit and I tucked some lightning and more crystals in the alcoves.
As time goes by you replace mana crystals on the lava squares that have been destroyed in the lower path, and eventually you should have 4 pots of gold in your lightning stronghold room and everyone in the lower path goes to visit the gold room and then leaves via the bottom path leaving you alone.
In the last wave, Look for the last epic knight and the moment he turns away from the gold room to go for the exit down the lower path, make 2 rats and they bring the gold back to the gold room and you get 3* - phew :)
Re: Two roads 03/04/2012 08:07 PM CST
Easy 3🌟setup

Mana crystal
Jelly cube
Lightning tower
Floor spike

•Start by placing MANA CRYSTALS on the magma hot spots
•Next to the lava spots with a space before a protective wall place volcanoes ASAP and barricade the opening.
•On the furthest bottom magma hotspot Place a dragon breathing toward oncoming heroes.
•Above the second top magma spot barricade above the first and place a lightning tower followed by a dragon behind it.
•When the timer has gone about halfway through place your slime on the bottom row at the entrance of the road.
•Place spikes in front of barricades to begin then continueously back towards the entrance. While this is happening place lightning towers by barricades in groups.
•use jelly cubes to take out groups of tougher heroes.
•use lightning towers and slime to protect floor spikes.

Basically I build from the back Forward on the bottom and the opposite for the top.