Rat Race Revenge 10/04/2011 09:39 AM CDT
I need some assistance.

I thought I had this one figured out but my strategy fails... obviously the treasure is supposed to be caught but then there is that wave of 30489258384 thieves....
Re: Rat Race Revenge 10/07/2011 09:55 PM CDT

Yea just got to this, with knights and master thieves, and no way to deal damage argh, wth
Re: Rat Race Revenge 10/10/2011 12:52 PM CDT

I think I played this level 1000 times, at least it felt like it but I finally got it last night,yay!

Basically I littered the entire path with tentacle gardens and hit the first set of thieves with lightening right after the 1st one gets munched. Then, as the remain g theives approach each hall ending, right before they try to disable the springer traps set a rat on top of it. If you time it right it will cause one of the thieves to become confused, wander onto the springer trap and be flung back to the fake treasure. Then block the passageway to the next hall immediately after that so you have time to get a new rat ready for the next springer...do this each time and you should get rid of all the thieves in the first wave this way or you may have one left....meanwhile every opportunity I get, I put a floor spike in the lower section of the board to weaken the epic knights coming in. One of them will be the most likely to try and carry your treasure out so take every opportunity to weaken them as much as possible and block, floorspike, tentacle garden their every move. I think I had about six or seven different knights I had to wear down as each took the treasure and by the time the last one is trying to get out, he's about the only one in....I hesitated for a moment when the last knight died because I was stunned I had just beaten the level and took too long to put a rat out. If I hadn't, I would have gotten three stars with the gold back in the treasure room. I'll have to try again....hope this helps!
Re: Rat Race Revenge 10/10/2011 03:21 PM CDT
I would like to thank you for your strategy and I will attempt it later tonight.

My current strategy revolved around "hiding" the treasure. It doesn't work! :(

Thanks a lot and just a simple heads up put more breaks between your sentences like I do because it makes it much easier for someone to read. Not that big of a deal though.

Thanks man.
Re: Rat Race Revenge 10/11/2011 02:56 PM CDT

i got it, very suddenly.

i reserved the lightning for when the 3 rogues are at the chopper, to do some damage and freeze them so they get chopped a bit more. then used spikes, they try and disarm them which gets them chopped a bit more, and a rat for good measure. rinse, repeat. until only one rogue has the treasure and is walking back with it. she's slow, and lay plants in front of her and spikes and she'll walk into them. eventually a slow knight will pick it up. you want to keep him wandering as slowly as you can back and forth. everyone else leaves the dungeon because there's no treasure in the vault. but just before everyone has left, kill the knight with spikes, and use the rat to put the treasure back.
Re: Rat Race Revenge 11/19/2011 08:35 AM CST
When i saw 26 almost identical waves i thought...what if i make the heroes come all at the same time? So thats what i did....the idea is to make the heroes hit the treasure room, find it empty and leave. Having 3 or 300 its the same because you are not going to kill'em all! But for that to happend you have to let one Hero take it. But i didnt want a thief to have it because they are way too fast...so, as i was calling all the knights i was also slowing thieves down by putting spikes on the floor and rats on the springtraps. I didnt use the tentacles at this point because that would afterwards slow the knights and not make them come almost all at once in the treasure room. One or 2 thieves got into the treasure but i was able to eliminate him and restore it before the knights arrive. Now i had to make the treasure carrier take the long way and the others the shortway out of the castle. Using all i got, i managed to keep a small group of 3/4 knights. As soon as i killed the treasure carrier i blasted the rest with the lightning and the rat took it back...when the knights "awaked" they kept their way to the outside.

Took me a few tries because with dozens of knights inside at the the same time its not easy to separate them and sometimes you cant even see whos carrying it. :)
Re: Rat Race Revenge 11/23/2011 07:32 AM CST
I did something similar. I used the lightning just when the epic thieves were all in the wall blades and slowed them as much as I could with the tentacle things. I dropped spikes when I could to injure them (usually when they were trying to get the springs) and used the fake wall to slow their progress to the gold room.
By the time they got to the gold room there were maybe 1 or 2 left, and then you again slow them down and kill them.
Eventually an epic knight picks the gold up, and you just have to make their journey as long and painful to get back to the entrance. At every opportunity spike them, block their path, you can tentacle the gold carrier also and then eventually there are only a few knights left and if you are lucky, when the gold is next dropped, send your rat in and your rat will run past them with the dropped gold and put in back in the room.
It wasn't easy!
Re: Rat Race Revenge 03/05/2012 10:59 PM CST

Try this strat... Right at the start bring every wave as fast as u can, then put tentacles on the path starting at the break in the top wall going left and just keep going around to the break in the next wall... Let the thief get the treasure and put fake walls in the horizontal wall breaks... This should allow u time... Just make sure as the thief approaches the entrance to put a fake wall on the exit, this will cause him to get eaten... Let all the waves make it to the treasure room and once they are all on the way out, drop a rat at the treasure and lightning in the center of the map. Whala... *
Re: Rat Race Revenge 03/11/2012 10:43 PM CDT

The above strategies all takes luck, timing if you time properly the lightning an placement of rats. any non-luck real strategies?