Katy Bar the Door? 09/29/2011 10:05 PM CDT

Any suggestions on this?
There's barely enough mana to start.
If I'm lucky, I end up with
**B (Spinner Spinner Barricade)
on each row.
The healers do a number on the defenses and eventually some batch gets through.
If I put down traps, it ends up in a stalemate eventually - something gets through and then bounces back into the treasure room.
Re: Katy Bar the Door? 09/30/2011 08:08 PM CDT
I can only one star this (barely) so this is the little help I can give you.

You have like 4 or 5? rows (haven't gone back to it since I won)

You start on the first row putting a barricade at the end and a spinner infront of it to hurt the warrior.

Now you have to put another barricade infront of the next area where the archer goes and then place a spinner there.

now you should be placing mana crystals at the back portion of the map with a row of spring traps infront of them to protect them.

You continue making barricades on each row and spinners until they eventually get through.

then you focus on keeping one treasure safe by having the last guy go into the row with full spinners EXCEPT at the end you place a barricade so they are constantly getting hit, or a spring trap.

Good luck, you'll need it.

(That's all I recall doing some weeks ago)
Re: Katy Bar the Door? 09/30/2011 08:09 PM CDT
I don't like how you cannot edit posts but if you have a skype or anything I can better walk you through it. If so my username for EVERYTHING is SirDarkened with the exception of skype with it being SoDarkened.
Re: Katy Bar the Door? 10/02/2011 07:58 PM CDT
In the alleys alternate placing wall then saws wall then saws. Use mana gems as walls in a pinch.
Re: Katy Bar the Door? 10/03/2011 07:39 AM CDT
I thought i'd tried the alternating blades and walls.
How do you handle the archers and wizards, who stand one away?
Re: Katy Bar the Door? 10/04/2011 09:13 AM CDT
two saws I would assume?


Saw Saw Barricade
Re: Katy Bar the Door? 10/07/2011 01:01 AM CDT
My approach is to place a series of two wall blades and a wall in each corridor. This takes care of both melee and ranged heroes. Use the living wall in preference to the barricade, because it gives you a chance to replace a destroyed wall without any heroes getting through.

While this defense takes care of the first few waves, place as many mana crystals as you can. Arrange them so there is only a single-tile path into the treasure room. This path should aligned with the second entrance corridor from the top (that is fill in crystals all over the bottom of the treasure room entrance).

Once your mana allows, fill this new corridor with as many spring traps as you can muster. This will fling the heroes that will eventually break through back to the beginning, where they will have to walk through the wall blades again.

Eventually the remaining epic knights will all be coming through the same corridor. So add additional wall blades to that corridor. However, it is still helpful to leave one or two free tiles to place walls. This hangs up the knights, lets the wall blades do additional damage, and lets the spring traps reset.

Once you get the idea, you will still have to practice your exact execution to prevent those darn epic knights from busting through to the treasure room. Good luck!
Re: Katy Bar the Door? 10/14/2011 02:44 PM CDT

Really need a destroy button for our defenses. I managed to (accidentally) create a scenario in "Katy bar the door" where my defenses prevent the hero from leaving the dungeon due to Spring Traps. I have no offensive defenses except for buzz saws and the Epic Knight is too slow to exit the spring traps on the floor before they reset. If I had a destroy ability I could at least end this level but alas I cannot, the only good thing is my game has been running for about an hour now and I have managed to rack up 26000 mana with no signs of stopping. At least I'll get that achievement. . .
Re: Katy Bar the Door? 10/14/2011 08:15 PM CDT
Ditto on perpetual spring traps - my post in "Suggestions" is to make Spring traps do a small amount of falling damage to avoid the stalemate.
Unlimited mana 02/16/2012 01:10 AM CST
Hello all!

At this level we can take to much mana.
Main stream is allow to EPIC Knight take gold and kill all other heroes (or let the all other heroes go for a walk)

Zero, I fill all space with mana crystals. But leave one path.
This path is secured.
First, I place four bumpers at the exit from treasury.
Then one saw and one bumper.
EPIC Knight going on ahead my four bumpers and fly away to treasury.
When that in past EPIC Knight go to saw and fly away to treasury from five bumper.
In time first bumper is activated again. then second, third... etc

Finally, of couse EPIC Knight was killed.
If you dont use the saw (or another killing item) this level will be never ended.

Re: Katy Bar the Door? 02/26/2012 10:31 AM CST
I finally got 3 stars on Katy. The basic idea is this:

* Don't let any hero get to the treasure room. There's no way to kill them there (I tried living walls just next to the treasure room, but they don't seem to cause damage), so you'll lose a star if they grab treasure.
* Hide your main mana crystal store in the lower right area (6 dots). After you have built 6 crystals, sprinkle more where needed to delay heroes.
* Build wall blades followed by barricades near the beginning of each corridor (dot 2-3 worked for me). Do this first in corridor 3, then 2, 4 and 1. But don't build too fast - mana crystals are top priority!
* Living walls are fragile, so build them as a second defense further down the corridors. Fill up with more wall blades as heroes start attacking the living walls.
* You may have to use an invisible wall in corridor 1 or 4 before you have your initial wall blade + barricade in all corridors.
* Only use repair on barricades, and wait until they are just about to get destroyed!
* When your economy is chugging along and you have basic defenses in all 4 corridors, start building spring traps in the three rows leading to the treasure room (you'll probably need 9 or so by the end), but ...
* ... leave the two positions closest to the treasure room for a final barricade to stop the epics! Living wall and barricade is best, but you may need to compromise.
* It's OK if some heroes get past a corridor in the mid-game if you have enough spring traps for them, but make sure no thief gets past! Use invisible walls to send them back if needed. If a thief does sneak by, drop a new spring trap on him before he disarms anything.
* Things calm down near the end when there are only 4-6 epic knights left. The object at that point is to delay them however you can while your spring traps reset and bounce them back to the beginning (where wall blades wear them down).

This strategy worked for me on my 3rd try (and many more attempts using other strategies). Good luck!
Re: Katy Bar the Door? 02/26/2012 06:20 PM CST
Thanks CHEESECAKE23 for posting. I had given up on ever getting even one star on this one. After about half a dozen tries using your strategy I finally got my hands to move fast enough that I could keep the epic knights out of the treasure room. 3 stars!

Now do I dare try Long and the Short? Or give my jangled nerves a rest?