Some Assembly Required 02/02/2012 12:23 AM CST
I'm new to the game and having difficulty figuring this one out. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
Re: Some Assembly Required 02/02/2012 04:03 AM CST
The general goal here is to have one barricade, one ballista, and one catapult in each row, in that order. Even when barricades only touch at the corners, heroes can't get through, so you try to work toward a jagged line of barricades from top to bottom.

When the level starts, place a barricade to fill one of the holes, and a ballista to fill another hole; later you will put a barricade in front of the ballista. Put a catapult behind a barricade, leaving one spot for a ballista between them.

You have LOTS of mana points. Just keep placing ballistas and barricades and catapults as fast as they recharge. A lot of your ballistas will be destroyed but that's ok. Some of the barricades will be destroyed too. Try not to let the catapults get damaged, because those are harder to replace.

It's better to have the catapults near the top (but still one in each lane) because when the epic knights don't find a path through the barricades, they usually start attacking a barricade in the upper third of the board. The archers seem to like the bottom for some reason, but putting multiple ballistas at the bottom will take them out.
Re: Some Assembly Required 02/14/2012 08:07 PM CST

This level is optional...