HELP! Choose your adventure 01/23/2012 02:56 AM CST
I am stuck on choose your adventure. Can someone give me some advice on how to get past this level?
Re: HELP! Choose your adventure 01/23/2012 10:54 AM CST
For the first wave, put a shooter at the top above the U shape. Later you will want more shooters in the U shape. Put a mana crystal to the right of your shooter, to block that path for a while. Later you will fill the top right path with mana crystals.

Keep placing mana as fast as you can, blocking both entrances to the treasure room.

Place your second shooter at the choke point near the treasure room. If the top right 4 tiles are blocked by mana crystals, all traffic will go through that one choke point that is 3 or 4 tiles from the right and about the middle of the board vertically. Concentrate your defenses there. Protect your shooters with barricades or floor spikes (or both), or just have so many shooters that the heroes can't destroy them faster than you can replace them.
Re: HELP! Choose your adventure 01/25/2012 11:36 AM CST

This didn't work, they keep coming in. if I build the crystals my defence won't work, and if I build my defence I run out of mana. they keep comming in to fast. any other ideas.
Re: HELP! Choose your adventure 01/25/2012 02:35 PM CST
This evening I'll try to do it with just the beginner defenses. Do you have triballista at least, or do I need to stick to ballista?
Re: HELP! Choose your adventure 01/25/2012 04:58 PM CST
I managed to get 1 star with a chance at 2 stars by using:
rock drop
floor spikes

In the first wave, I put a gork in the U on the top corridor, and started putting mana crystals to block off the treasure room. I put a barricade in the choke point in the lower section, with ballista and triballista behind it and above it.

The gork had no problem with the first wave. Later when I had more mana I added a barricade on the other side of the U with a triballista behind it.

When the second wave came, I planted floor spikes right in front of the barricade in the lower section, under the feet of the knight, which finished him off.

Any time that an epic knight showed up it was bad news. If I was lucky I had enough mana and both bomb and rock drop were ready. Drop the bomb where the epic knight will be in a couple of seconds, and then send the rock drop immediately so that it hits the epic knight and as many of the other heroes as possible. When I didn't have both rock drop and bomb available, or my timing was off, I'd lose the barricade and usually the shooters too.

I managed to keep the heroes under control sort of until the final wave, when an epic knight got through and then half a dozen others followed. I did manage to kill off all but one of the heroes, but that one took treasure out, hence the one star.

NOW here's the plan. If you can get ONE STAR, then you unlock another defense and also can progress through other levels that unlock more defenses. So come back later when you have more powerful defenses and you can get 3 stars.
Re: HELP! Choose your adventure 01/25/2012 05:11 PM CST
AHA - EASY way to get ONE star on this, so that you can progress (and come back later with better defenses).

Same defenses as above, but you can vary them to your taste.

1. Plant mana in the protected areas only.
2. LET the first hero get some treasure.
3. When he enters the top corridor carrying the treasure, place a gork behind him and a barricade in front of him. The gork finishes him off and the treasure is trapped.
4. Eventually the gork is killed because he goes after heroes that come too close. Replace him by another barricade, so that the treasure is locked between two barricades.
5. IGNORE the rest of the heroes unless they attack one of the two barricades. If they attack the barricade from the treasure side, use rock drop, because that will hurt them even if they are in the treasure room. Go after the heroes that attack from the left of the barricade vigorously with whatever you have handy at the time. Replace barricades as they are destroyed. Most of the heroes are going to either grab treasure and leave or see the empty treasure room and leave.

So... end of the last wave, you have saved one treasure, so you get one star.
Re: HELP! Choose your adventure 01/26/2012 05:18 PM CST

That is definitely... a way to get 1 star. I approve.

In my experience, the two big things for this level are heavily trapping the top corridor with Wall Blades and Floor Spikes, and controlling the bottom half of the level with Sticky Tar and Bombs.