Level 13 'Springtime' 09/19/2011 12:45 PM CDT
Any tips for level 13 'Springtime' using the units you have at this point in the game? Can't seem to find a tactic for 3 stars at all, tried for an hour or two, but the spike traps get disarmed, the saw blades do too little damage for the spots available, and the corridors are too narrow for the arrow launchers do not get crushed right away.

Any help appreciated
Re: Level 13 'Springtime' 09/24/2011 02:40 PM CDT
I'm not sure which defenses you have unlocked at that point, but here's one way way using early defenses.

Stock barricades, triballistas (or plain ballistas I suppose), floor spikes, springs, bomb, rock drop, and crystals of course. I stocked Gorks too but I only used one and he died pretty quickly, so if you have something else useful, take it.

The two choke points to use are:

[1] above the mana pool - try to keep a barricade there with multiple triballistas behind it.

[2] the bottom center Z shaped part. Keep a barricade there with at least one triballista behind it, and perhaps a spring in front of it.

Plant crystals as fast as you are allowed to plant them. Try to fill most of the area on the non-hero side of the barricades with crystals, eventually. In the last wave or two they are handy for slowing the heroes down if they break through your barricade, so that you can use a bomb on them or a rock drop.

I used whatever seemed handiest when the heroes weren't dying fast enough near the barricades. Anything on the hero side of the barricade was deemed a disposable, and I just used whatever I had that was ready at the time that I had enough mana for. Bombs are great. Rock drops are good if you are pretty sure the heros aren't going to turn. Last minute floor spikes right under their feet next to the barricade is cool, and so is a last minute spring there.

The point of the springs is to get the heroes out and make them come back in again, so you need to have at least one triballista on the hero side of the barricades, and just keep replacing it as you can. Each time the hero comes back, he should take more damage, and your defenses have a bit more time to recharge.
Re: Level 13 'Springtime' 10/02/2011 04:43 PM CDT
At this point in the campaign, all the defenses we have to rock out with our, uhm, well, rocks out are normal ballistas, floor spikes, Gorks, wall blades, barricades, mimics, bombs, and spring traps. And to me, it seems as if this is not enough to stop the heroes from breaking down the barricades rather quickly (the first hero is off into the labyrinth, taking the non-blocked route, before the cooldown of the barricade is anywhere near completion), and flooding the corridors towards the fifth or sixth wave.

Anyone who can recall how they got through Springtime at this point in the campaign?
Re: Level 13 'Springtime' 10/02/2011 05:10 PM CDT
I'm going to try the level just using mana, plain ballista, floor spikes, wall blades, gorks, barricades, bomb, and spring trap. Looking at the map, I'm going to move the choke point above the mana pool to the Z, so that I can put wall blades leading up to it. I'll try to use gorks on the lower path, since wall blades won't work, probably mingled with floor spikes and spring traps. I'll still want to reserve as much space as I can for mana crystals. I'll let you know how I do.

Going by memory, I just one-starred this one the first time, then went back and got 3 stars after I had more powerful defenses available.
Re: Level 13 'Springtime' 10/02/2011 05:20 PM CDT
I got 3 stars. I had 3 wall blades on the top path, with a barricade (or a mana crystal if the barricade wasn't ready) right after, and a ballista after that. On the bottom choke point, I used a barricade with a ballista after it, floor spikes in front (that had to be replaced periodically), and either a ballista or gork near it on the hero side. In the later rounds I put floor spikes and a gork at the entrance to the upper path too.

For starting, a mana crystal with a ballista or two behind it will block a path for a little while at least, to give you time to get a second barricade in place or to have your bomb ready to use.
Re: Level 13 'Springtime' 10/02/2011 06:58 PM CDT
It worked flawlessly. I think I might have vastly underestimated the power of several wall blades in rows, especially in front of barricades. Three wall blades, one barricade, and a ballista hidden behind was enough to bring down an epic knight with just the help of one bomb.

Even the lower path remained well protected by a simple spike trap in front of a barricade with a ballista behind it, with some help from the judicious application of bombs, and the occasional gork or ballista on the hero side of the barricade.

Methanks! I think your help widened my horizons a (necessary) bit ;-)
Re: Level 13 'Springtime' 10/02/2011 07:09 PM CDT
Make that underestimated the power of both barricades, and of spamming mana crystals (I did build a lot of them previously, of course, but using them as a cheap way to clutter up corridors in addition to the bizarre amounts of mana they will yield is quite effective, and one thing I did not consider at first).