Bouncing Castle 09/17/2011 12:30 AM CDT

What's the trick here? Is it timing or placement? I am struggling with this map.
Re: Bouncing Castle 09/18/2011 02:07 PM CDT
It's a lot of luck and some placement.

Think about it this way, farther you place the springs the farther they have to walk from the start to get to the end.

Start placing them towards the exit (not right next to it) and then place them all in the back area so that you can maximize the amount so the enemies keep dying from starting over and over again.

It's a tough one that I didn't really enjoy but its definitely challenging...
Re: Bouncing Castle 09/20/2011 06:48 PM CDT
I started with the two exit (far right, next to treasure) tiles themselves. Then I filled in from the right. It turned out easier than a lot of other levels, because I could just ignore the heroes. If an epic knight was coming right when a spring trap was ready to be placed, I chose to place it in his path instead of the other one.
Re: Bouncing Castle 11/13/2011 05:08 PM CST
I'm pretty sure there's still an element of luck involved, because if the heroes bunch up one is likely to get through. However, I just got 3 stars three times in a row, so this strategy has to be fairly good.

1. Start near the treasure. Plant traps as soon as you can, alternating top and bottom lanes, and work forward, until you have 5 or 6 total planted.

2. At about the time the epic knights start showing up, if you have a sprung trap, plant the next trap on same path as that one. If you have sprung traps on both paths, plant it right under the feet of one of the epic knights (and hope that one of the normal knights doesn't sneak through).

The end goal will have one trap in front of the single floor spikes in the center, 6 traps vertically to the right of that floor spikes, and 3 more in each of the two lanes leading to the treasure. By the time you have all those traps planted, you are well into the last wave and all the remaining heroes are coming in through the center entrance, so there's no point in planting another trap or two.

Using this strategy, you should always be able to get 2 stars, and with a bit of luck you can make 3 stars.
Re: Bouncing Castle 01/19/2012 05:05 PM CST
I'm apparently just exceptionally unlucky...or I'm still missing something key with this level.

Without a Pack Rat or some way to damage a hero in the Treasure Vault (which could be a single ballista, a bomb since you have tons of many for apparently no reason, or if Heroes took even a teensy bit of damage from being "springboarded" back into the vault) I can't get 3 stars. Even a single hero getting to the Vault means you can't do better than 2 stars since you have no way to kill them in the Vault itself.

I've tried 12+ games with the same strategy outlined here. I lost a couple times but 2 stars is pretty consistently straightforward to obtain. Unfortunately the 3 ballista leave just a sliver of health on too many Knights & Rangers so they too often seem to spring the traps just in front of the Treasure room so they aren't reset in time for the Epic Knights.

It seems to be a very slight balance issue, as if the ballistas reloaded just a touch faster, or did a smidge more damage (or there were 4 instead of 3 in the lane but I think that's overkill) I think I would've had 3 stars with multiple games. I think the most elegant tweak I'd make if I were able is the spring trap throwing the treasure-carrying hero back into the vault does a few hp of damage from the fall. That also would mean a lot less reliance on luck to get the coveted 3 star award.

Replaying a level to figure out the strategy that works is fun, replaying a level more than a couple times to get lucky...not so much. :(

So if anyone has any other advice to offer I'd appreciate it. Or a walkthrough from the creators or someone else but I couldn't find it on google.

I'm playing the Apple App store version on an iPhone 4S if that makes a difference.
Re: Bouncing Castle 01/23/2012 02:06 PM CST
Your model of iOS device shouldn't enter into it at all, for what it's worth.

As the guy who created this level, I can safely say that it does boil down to luck a fair amount of the time (even I have trouble 3-starring it some days). If all the heroes suddenly decide to crowd the top passage into the treasure room, for example, then you're pretty much out of luck. But with smart placement of Spring Traps, you can get pretty close to a 3-star on all attempts.
Re: Bouncing Castle 01/24/2012 03:28 AM CST
You're not the only one feeling exceptionally unlucky. It took nearly 10 (increasingly frustrating) attempts for me to get the 3rd star on this round, with no variance on strategy. I wish there was another option, but keep doing the same thing and hope for different results.
Re: Bouncing Castle 02/14/2012 11:15 AM CST
I don't know if it's just my unluck or if there have been some tweaks to the way the characters react to things or what.

I have done this level easily 30+ times unable to 3* it. I can 2 Star all day long with my eyes closed almost, but can never keep everyone out of the treasure room. I have used the strategies above... I get to 3 Spring Traps down each exit corridor before the Epic Knights get there, but eventually there is a bunching of heroes and they take one or the other (usually the top) corridor and I'll be down to 1 active trap and the ballista get overwhelmed, not sticking to one target and one slips through

I'm just extremely frustrated with this level and venting more than anything else...

Do the characters react to seeing someone bounced from a Spring Trap to choose a different corridor?

This is basically what my game always ends up being...
Re: Bouncing Castle 03/02/2012 06:44 PM CST
Just an update... I FINALLY got 3 stars on this.

I probably did this level at least 100+ times and had bunching issues every time until I got it.

It IS possible despite how things may seem on it! Just to encourage others...
Re: Bouncing Castle 03/03/2012 09:05 PM CST

This is the last level that I got 3 stars in because I ignored it for so long and attributed much of it to luck. But I recently tried it again and found that there is a way to get 3 stars always. Place the traps at the last 2 tiles of both corridors near the treasure room. These usually take care of the heroes who don't get squashed by the ballistas. Then the next strategy is to make sure that the epic nights go through the blades at least twice. So I just place the next few traps in front of the epics. Sometimes though if you see 3 heroes go to a ballista corridor together you might want to place a trap in front of them specially if your last 2 traps near the treasure room haven't reloaded yet. I've tried these strategies a few times and got the same results -- 3 stars. I hope this helps.