Toilin' Trouble 09/09/2011 06:11 PM CDT
OK, I'm stuck on this one, I can't come up with a strategy that gets me even a one-star on this one. Anyone got any friendly advice on keeping these pesky heroes out of my gold stash?
Re: Toilin' Trouble 09/09/2011 06:51 PM CDT
Thanks for posting, OHARI! Here are some things to try in "Toilin' Trouble":

Build your Mana Crystals in the back of the level, and fill in that whole area until you reach the center divide. Don't place your Crystals in the nooks at the front, because they are difficult to defend and this level has lots of wizards.

The center foyer is a 3x3 grid, which is exactly how much space the Tar fills up. Try lining that area with Floor Spikes, then use the nooks on the top, bottom, and ride side of that center area for Ballistas. They'll fire relatively safely from in their little alcoves, and the Tar will keep Heroes from reaching and destroying your Ballistas.

As you near the end of the level, a pair of Epic Knights will show up. Depending on how well you've held up, you may have a free space in one of the nooks, or behind the center dividing wall. As the Epics plod into your Dungeon, drop a Mimic and take one out of the equation immediately. Keep in mind that the Mimic has a few seconds of ramp-up time once he's placed before he's ready to nom. I recommend holding onto the Mimic until that wave unless you're super confident with the timing on his longer-than-average cooldown.

There's also a pretty wicked combo in the game that you can start taking advantage of now that you have the Tar, but I'll let you figure that one out on your own. :)

Hope that helps, good luck!

-- Tiny Heroes Designer
Re: Toilin' Trouble 09/09/2011 08:43 PM CDT

I'll give it a try, thank You. That was about what I had figured, just can't get it in place fast enough.

And yeah, Tar burns good. I'm OLD, played D&D back before it was AD&D...throw flask of lamp oil at your enemies then toss in your torch was an accepted strategy. :)
Re: Toilin' Trouble 09/10/2011 12:11 AM CDT
We still play D&D.... and I was like 1st Edition Yo! You'll recognize a lot in TH the kidz won't necessarily get. :D

-- David