Back to Basics 09/25/2012 03:16 PM CDT

Anyone have any ideas?
Re: Back to Basics 09/26/2012 12:18 PM CDT
Which campaign is this from? The name isn't ringing a bell. (but then I'm stuck on a level in the middle of Opal Obs, so there are are some levels I haven't seen at all yet)

Tcarr9's Tiny Heroes video walkthroughs are available on YouTube:
Re: Back to Basics 12/04/2012 08:54 AM CST

Just finished this one after numerous tries.
Once you have the mana, put a gork cage one space after the entrance of the mana corridor and a ballista at the space at the top part of that entrance. Then after the next mana surge I placed floor spikes right after the blades at the top (or bottom)corridor and a blade one space apart from the original blade at the bottom (or top if you placed spikes at the bottom earlier). The idea is to always have a ballista and 1 or 2 gorks to protect your mana while you alternate the floor spikes and blades at the top and bottom corridors. 3 stars always. Good luck.