Opal Observatory: If Living Walls Could Talk 09/03/2012 01:40 AM CDT
I've tried this level over 20 times, but I still can't seem to beat it. The epic wizards kill all my jelly cubes, and I can't beat it. Does anyone have a strategy to beat it?
Re: Opal Observatory: If Living Walls Could Talk 09/03/2012 07:50 AM CDT
I haven't even gotten that far. Bogged down in Ceiling is Also Lava. Opal Obs seems to be tougher than the last two campaigns released, or else I'm out of practice because I've been playing other games instead.

Tcarr9's Tiny Heroes video walkthroughs are available on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Lordkalvanmidnight
Re: Opal Observatory: If Living Walls Could Talk 09/04/2012 10:03 PM CDT
No luck on ballista emporium, but ceiling is also lava seemed easy --
Used slime skeleton crystal wall press volcano dragon and repair
General idea is to repair the middle, and fill it wit crystals
Top and bottom open with a wall press and mana crystal early
Later use multiple wall presses before the dragon on top and bottom
Volcanos need to wait for economy to develop
Skeletons and slime to eat the fireballs
Re: Opal Observatory: If Living Walls Could Talk 09/06/2012 06:46 AM CDT

Ceiling wall is easy. I used dragons,volcano,jelly and slime. Start from the back manna all the way with each volcano along the last column. Drop jelly on wizards and archers.slime the left and right corridors, manna the centre. Slime everywhere

Need help on ballista emporium though
Re: Opal Observatory: If Living Walls Could Talk 09/16/2012 08:00 PM CDT

The Jelly cubes are pretty worthless in my opinion. The heroes never go down there until the last few waves and then its all epics and they trash them rather quickly.

It took me a few tries but I can beat it every time now. The key is the magma throwers.

Next to the treasure room are 4 magma spots. On the one furthest away from the treasure room put a dragon facing to the left. Then put magma launchers on the other 3 spots as soon as you can. Put a living wall in front of the dragon to create a little defense.

Also drop the slime too, it takes care of a lot of the early wave heroes. As soon as the magma stuns heroes drop a skeleton as it will take care of a lot of the stunned heroes.

I also drop living walls amongst the other ones close to the treasure so that it creates a few spots for protection for the money crystals.
Re: Opal Observatory: If Living Walls Could Talk 10/11/2012 04:55 PM CDT

tried now 50 times can't beat this one

tried 3 magna throwers on the 6 magma spots
2 dragons pointing left
slime at every opportunity
living walls to divert and block
skeletons too weak
jelly cubes waste of time
used dragons in middle and right hand side to push them back
epics at end just get everything
Re: Opal Observatory: If Living Walls Could Talk 10/17/2012 05:19 AM CDT

at last done it !
get slime going from bottom left lava point
put on mana crystal
dragon facing left 1st lava point of the top 6
lava lobber next to it straight away
drop living wall to block gap so slime goes to the dragon

get as many protected mana crystals as early as poss
use bottom left magma spots and one top right the rest try bottom right and in front of treasure area

keep dungeon full of slime towards right side

the trick is to get 4 lava lobbers in top right section and protect them with living walls and skeletons and the repair button

use as many living walls to block the end as poss

two lava points in middle best for dragons who will be destroyed

patience is the key but you need quick mana and 4 volcanoes