Choose your adventure - three stars 01/27/2012 10:26 PM CST
I've been reading around the forum and haven't been able to find anyone that knows how to get three stars on this level. I'm sure it must be possible, can anyone tell me how? I've tried triballista at the top with a barricade, but I cant protect the bottom for long. I've tried focusing on the bottom, but then the they get through on the top. I cant seem to plant enough crystals to get me mana fast enough. Please help!
Re: Choose your adventure - three stars 01/27/2012 10:55 PM CST
I have no problem with getting 3 stars, but I have all the powerful defenses unlocked now, and if I want more mana I can stock mana crab too. Lightning tower and perforator help a lot.
Re: Choose your adventure - three stars 01/27/2012 11:04 PM CST

Ive got perforator, but nothing higher. Do I need to unlock all the Sorcerer's Keep defences too in order to do it? Seems like it should be possible with just the ones from the dungeon
Re: Choose your adventure - three stars 01/27/2012 11:29 PM CST
My hands are a bit slow, and I play on an iPad which makes it worse for speed. I personally can't get 3 stars on this level with just the defenses unlocked by that level plus perforator. Not even using triballista instead of ballista. Possibly if I add mana crab, which is in the premium defense pack.

The way I played the game when it was new, I'd muddle through a level as best I could and be happy with one star, going as far as I could get, then coming back later to try for 2 or 3 stars. I did eventually 3 star Dungeon campaign. I still don't have SK 3 starred: have all levels 3 starred but two of the challenge levels which I can't even ONE star, even using all the advice from the forum. My hands just aren't fast enough, so I gave up on them.
Re: Choose your adventure - three stars 01/28/2012 07:04 PM CST

This one is actually pretty easy. Get crystals, balis, barricade, floor spikes, wall blades, and bombs. You can also get gorks and tar but you don't need them.

Start by dropping a crystal in the sealed room and barricading the rear top corridor. From here its just filling the bottom up with balis, while placing crystals in the sealed room and behind the barricade. When you have 4 balis, you can drop a wall blade in the hall leading down. Put floor spikes after it so thieves can't destroy it. Keep filling up the bottom with balis

When the 1st Epic Knight comes barricade him off before he turns into you bali room. Drop bombs on him while he beats down the barricade. He'll take out some balis but just replace them. Always drop bombs on epic knights when you can. It will stun them for a sec giving you balis free pop shots or time to reload. You can use tar here to slow anyone coming into the bali room, just be careful not to set your balis on fire with a tar/bomb. When your not replacing balis fill the top with wall blades followed by a floor spike. If you have gorks you can drop a few in the back room just in case, but no1 really makes it back there. Good Luck
Re: Choose your adventure - three stars 01/31/2012 01:51 AM CST
That worked! You just need to be careful about blocking off the ballista room as it forces some heroes through the undefended tunnel at the top. Awesome :)