Gathering Grounds 01/23/2012 07:16 PM CST

Mass cheap stuff, dragon combo, and catapults cant get me through without 8 epic heroes killing everything.
Re: Gathering Grounds 01/23/2012 07:36 PM CST
The way that I usually play this one is to put mana crystals on the vents (which turn them into super mana crystals), and try to keep the heroes trapped near the front in that vertical corridor. Lightning towers are great. I don't know which defenses you have unlocked yet (I have all of them and it's hard to remember how I managed without my favorites). Here's what I normally do:

1. Mana crystals on the vents. This jump starts the economy.
2. Lightning towers at top and bottom near the front
3. Wall press or wall blades near the front
4. Perforator or floor spikes in other areas inside that vertical section where you have the heroes trapped
5. Slime or bomb or both. I normally don't bother with tar. Slime is nice because the effect stays for a while.
6. After I unlocked the volcano it was even more fun, putting the volcano there in that C where it was near the heroes but they couldn't reach it. I suppose a catapult might work there too but I don't remember trying that.

I use mana crystals to help block the upper and lower path from that section near the front, so that I don't have to use a slot for a barricade.

Triballistas are handy for when a lightning tower needs to be replaced but it's not ready yet. You will lose a lot of lightning towers and some of the mana crystals too - just keep replacing them.
Re: Gathering Grounds 01/23/2012 07:53 PM CST

The combined force of the epic wizards and epic rangers destroy the turrets while the epic thief destroys the spikes in the corridor. Not sure exactly how you killed 6 epics within 10-20 secs. Maybe it was the balancing patch? I have defences too baby dragon, no lava lobber, and I also have the tribalista and perfector. Note: I did try using lightning towers.
Re: Gathering Grounds 01/23/2012 07:56 PM CST
My memories are from before the balancing patch. Hmm.... I'll try again, and not use volcano, and see how I do.
Re: Gathering Grounds 01/23/2012 08:04 PM CST
Humph, yes the lightning tower got nerfed too much. Without the lava lobber I'm not having much luck - the rangers get through. Rock drop and slime and bomb helped a lot. I wonder if recharge might help enough? With all the heroes in that vertical corridor, rock drop is awesome but it takes a while to recharge. Or maybe just mana crab so that I can plant a perforator in front of the rangers.
Re: Gathering Grounds 01/23/2012 08:38 PM CST
Got it! Here's what I did, with no lava lobber (but yes perforator and wall press).

mana crab
lightning tower
wall press
rock drop

1. Mana on the vents. One mana crab immediately
2. Lightning towers at the very top and bottom of the vertical corridor. Later add a second to the left of these, and possibly also to the right.
3. Perforators before adding wall press (at least one perforator before the first wall press anyway) right in front of the lightning towers.
4. Wall press in the two spots that will take them.
5. Mana crystals on the right of the lightning towers, several on each side, to slow the last wave down.
6. Triballistas as distractions.

In the first few waves, I would place a triballista in the center of the vertical corridor after the heroes entered, to help finish them off faster and keep the thieves from taking out my perforator(s).

Any time that an epic entered the corridor or a lot of heroes in a clump, use either rock drop or bomb. If neither of those were available, put a triballista in the middle as a distraction.

I had epic knights get to my mana crystals that were near the lightning towers at least once, but I was able to replace the lightning tower and he was damaged enough that he didn't get through my multiple mana crystals before the lightning tower finished him so I didn't need to use bomb again.

In the final wave, a cleric got through the mana crystals. I just kept putting whatever I had handy in front of her and finished her off before she got to where she had a choice of directions to take.

I doubt this strategy would work with floor spikes and wall blades instead of perforator and wall press, not with lightning towers nerfed the way they are now. They used to be awesome. Catapults would be useful if there was a slot for them, both in the C and after the mana to catch heroes that slip through the other defenses.
Re: Gathering Grounds 01/23/2012 10:13 PM CST

I'll try it without the wall press and mana crab. Wish me luck.
Re: Gathering Grounds 01/23/2012 10:33 PM CST

I almost beat it...short of 3 epic nights, two epic clerics, and 1 epic wizzard. XD I think we'll just see if they do a new walkthrough for after the patch. Or I repair 200 times. XD
Re: Gathering Grounds 01/24/2012 08:13 AM CST
I just found an old thread about Gathering Grounds. This was posted before the level rebalancing but at first glance it doesn't seem to use any defenses that got nerfed:
Re: Gathering Grounds 01/24/2012 08:12 PM CST
Just realised that the slime was nerfed. Thiefs don't die in tar and slime. Also, the Epic Knights one shoted the baracade before I could get my first catapult.

This is NOT a dungeon themed game, it is a treasure hunt themed game. (With lots of heroes of course) XD
Re: Gathering Grounds 01/31/2012 06:00 PM CST
That strategy was posted with the Slime in its current (nerfed) form. The Slime was only overpowered for a very short time, due to a bug with how we were tracking where the slime trails appeared.

Also, the Slime remains the only defense that players have seen in a live game that got 'nerfed.' All other defense rebalancing has been in the players' favor. :)

-- Tiny Heroes Designer
Re: Gathering Grounds 02/05/2012 01:32 PM CST

Lightning tower
Living wall
Wall press
Jelly cube

They never broke through. I think a lot of combinations would work, just as long as you concentrate on that starting choke pt. Have to get the order down in the first few rounds so nothing gets through, and have the perforator up by the time the first two epics show up. I doubt it would work out as well without those two unlockable traps.