Holy Weapon - Glyph Renewal Not Working 02/17/2016 09:51 PM CST

So i just completed the quest for my Holy Weapon. I visited the Chapel at the Tower of Honor in Shard and received this message after trying to trace the glyph on my weapon.

pray chadatru
*As you kneel down to pray, you feel your head is not cleared enough to pay proper respect to Chadatru.
*After clearing your thoughts, you pray deeply toward Chadatru. A warm, soothing sensation washes over your soul.
get broad
*You get a polished broadsword with a gleaming mahogany hilt from inside your weapon harness.
glyph renew broad
*You feel a strange empty feeling in your soul and realize you do not have enough power to use this glyph.

I'm circle 53. This would be the first time i charge my holy weapon. I have only 17 Charisma. Perhaps that is the issue? Or any other thoughts?

K>rub my soul
You rub the soulstone...

It hums softly and emits a pure white light!
Re: Holy Weapon - Glyph Renewal Not Working 02/19/2016 09:38 PM CST

Soul isn't pristine. Tithe/tend/protect/pray badge: repeat
Re: Holy Weapon - Glyph Renewal Not Working 02/20/2016 08:58 PM CST

Thanks. You were right.