How to get better scores? 03/16/2012 07:38 PM CDT
Ok, so I beat the first campaign and got all three big deal. My buddy and I have a contineous competition with iPhone games on who can beat who. Well, the jackass finally beat my high score and I can't seem to figure out how to get more points on old levels I've already beat!?! I go through and complete destroy the level, but don't get as many points. Is there a strategy for earning more points? Different weapons combos? Thanks for the help....├╝ber sweet game.

Joe, if you are reading this, you're the jackass I was referring to! FYI
Re: How to get better scores? 03/16/2012 08:19 PM CDT
Sending waves in early helps. So does using fewer defenses (as in total, not how many you stock, so 5 tribal-istas is much better than 10 ballistas). After you unlock more powerful defenses, you can go back and use those, so that you need fewer of them. Lightning tower or at least tribal-ista instead of ballista, perforator instead of floor spikes, wall press instead of wall blades.

I don't purposely try to score higher, but I've replayed most of the Dungeon levels enough times using the more powerful defenses that I'm currently at #249. That's without sending waves in early very much, and with my sort of slow "I'm a grandmother" hands.