3 stars on Brace Yourself 10/15/2011 04:51 PM CDT
I need help getting 3 stars on this. The highest I got was 1.
Re: 3 stars on Brace Yourself 11/07/2011 11:40 PM CST
This one seems so random. I've been able to get a 2 star by focusing everything on one row, once.
I'd like to know the trick..
Re: 3 stars on Brace Yourself 11/16/2011 03:27 AM CST
Just got a 3 star on this one. I think the trick is to get the heroes to attack across the whole front, as much as possible, instead of forming into one lane. This way they are spread out, all your lightning towers come into play, and the heroes progress more slowly.

I use bombs, sticky tar and gargoyles where I see some heroes penetrating my defense ahead of the rest of the line, and repair the barricades at the breakthrough point. This seems to turn back the most advanced of the attackers who will then try to hit somewhere else.

There is only one chance to use the lightning blast due to its slow recharge. I hold off using it until the battle has come to the middle of the field. By this time all the heroes, epic or ordinary, have joined the fight and one blast in the middle of them kill many and stun the rest. What is left is just mopping up.