CCF: Catapult and Mouse 09/25/2011 03:22 PM CDT
Any ideas?

Using a rat as a distraction doesn't seem to help. The false walls disappear WAY to quickly and half the time when I place one right in front of an epic knight he walks right through it. There's no way I can figure out to bottle the knights up in the main area - the various defenses just have too long a cool down.

I tried to get one knight to drop treasure in the upper path, and keep it blocked off so that the rest of the knights just go to the treasure room and then back out again, but I wasn't able to get both ends blocked. Even if I do manage it, that's a 1 star solution because I wouldn't be able to have a rat return the treasure in the final round.
Re: CCF: Catapult and Mouse 09/25/2011 03:46 PM CDT
I managed a 1 star solution, by concentrating on a single knight holding treasure, and keeping him in that upper path while everybody else either took treasure or saw it was empty and left. One end was barricaded, and the other had 2 catapults, and I used repair and false wall and extra rats as I had them, to keep that one knight distracted and changing his mind which direction to go. Eventually he died, and the rat returned the treasure, right after the last wave noticed there wasn't any treasure and turned around and left.

There's got to be a better solution though. Even putting lots of catapults into that central protected area isn't going to kill knights.
Re: CCF: Catapult and Mouse 09/29/2011 01:54 PM CDT

I've 3-starred it by starting with two rows of catapults in the protected space pointed toward the entrance, adding one row in the back pointing toward the treasure room and then adding 'pults across the entrance in the final rounds.

The "trick" that worked for me was keeping the knights bottled up in front as long as possbile. Barricade both exits, drop rats to distract and to draw their big punch, drop gunk to slow then as they cross the room, repair barricades at the last second, drop false walls in the lower corridor to make them turn back to try the other barricade, and then seal it back up behind them when barricade comes off cool down. Eventually a couple will slip by - if your rear catapults don't finish them, use the gunk and false wall across the entrance to keep them bottled up until you can kill them.
Re: CCF: Catapult and Mouse 09/29/2011 04:11 PM CDT
Great advice. :)

-- Tiny Heroes Designer
Re: CCF: Catapult and Mouse 09/29/2011 07:08 PM CDT
The "trick" is to not kill any of the epic heroes.

To back myself up I'm first on the leaderboard for that level.
Or at least when I beat it I was.
Re: CCF: Catapult and Mouse 10/07/2011 01:29 AM CDT
My approach is to block the upper corridor and then build toward the configuration below. The snaking path into the treasure room allows the 6 backwards facing catapults the most time to do damage. The epic heroes will still steal treasure, so use pack rats to return them. Throw everything you can at the last wave of epic knights, because you have to kill them before they get to the treasure room for a 3-star finish. Variances in execution and hero pathing will lead to some failures. One big problem is a fresh hero picking up a treasure lying in the dungeon before you can get a pack rat to it. Stick to it, and you should soon get a 3-star finish!


X = Permanent Wall
. = Empty Tile
< = Forward Facing Catapult
> = Backward Facing Catapult
M = Mana Crystal
B = Barricade
Re: CCF: Catapult and Mouse 10/07/2011 03:15 AM CDT
Using Barricades to create a makeshift corridor with both rows of catapults facing the rear is a very creative strategy, and not one that I've seen before for this level. As the one who built it, I tip my hat to you! Very clever. :3

-- Tiny Heroes Designer
Re: CCF: Catapult and Mouse 10/07/2011 09:36 AM CDT
I couldn't get 3 stars with the backwards facing catapults - the last epic hero would die somewhere outside the treasure room and the level ends before the silly rodent had time to bring it back.

Instead, I found that you can keep them in the front room with the proper application of juggling, using the rodents to take the knight's strike.
The one non-obvious addition was putting a barricade in the top and bottom corridors with two catapults behind it.

When the epics are in the red, and there's nothing left to build, you let them down to the corridors to die.

This wasn't manna efficient, and I went through barrels of oil..
Re: CCF: Catapult and Mouse 11/21/2011 02:39 PM CST
I three stared it by just letting the Epic Knights by. I 'let' the first three thieves that made it past the opening room by and then slam a barricade down in one of the hallways to kill off the remaining thieves. Then use a false wall to bait the three thieves who picked up the treasure into the now dead-end hallway. Drop a catapult behind them while they wail away on the barricade. It takes a single stone to kill all three (usually). The barricade at the head of the hallway encourages all the epic knights to take the other hallway. They trudge on down to see an empty treasure room. They turn to head back. Make sure you have a false wall to keep them from entering the hallway with the treasure just sitting there. You can and should build up more catapult, use oil and lightning to kill 'em if you want, but it's not critical. A string of epic knights run by disappointed. Then, right before the final thief enters the dungeon - AFTER the last epic knight has headed down the empty hallway, you drop barricades in the entrance choke point. Your goal is to keep that thief out of the dungeon (and out of danger) while you drop pack rats on the treasure and let them return it back to the treasure room. Once it is safely there, let the thief in to die horribly in the face of all the catapults you've set up.

It took me a long time to figure all this out. I tried so hard to kill everything that came in. It is much easier to just ignore those epic knights.