Dragon's Lair 09/24/2011 08:27 PM CDT
Not sure where to post questions about Carl's Crazy Funhouse, so this seems like the best spot.

I feel really dense not having any working strategy for Dragon's Lair. By the time the epic heroes are let loose, I can't keep up with the kills. No matter if I start plugging up the north or south corridor, or a mixture of both, wizards will come destroy my economy.

I feel like I'm missing something fundamental on technique...
Re: Dragon's Lair 09/24/2011 08:35 PM CDT
Try lining up a three cell-long defensive line of barricade > green dragon > red dragon. This will keep your reds safe from Wizard fireballs (which are more important because they deal lots of damage), and having two dragons will minimize the amount of time heroes spend attacking your barricade. Also, the more time it takes them, the more time your Lava Lobbers have of smouldering them to ash. <3

Also, you'll want to concentrate your Lookers on the south passage, to confuse the epic heroes into the dragon's teeth. This means you should probably save your skeletons for the north passage, using them as bait for the Epic Wizard's fireballs. And of course, save your rock drops for the larger waves of epics. Good luck!

-- Tiny Heroes Designer
Re: Dragon's Lair 09/24/2011 08:39 PM CDT

The key is to put dragon eggs on the lava. At the start put eggs near the chokepoints and protect with barricades as possible. Back them up with a lobber to the side (not on lava) and a second row of eggs on lava ASAP. Toss in some skeles at times and use lookers to confuse the epic wizards. Some times I used a sacrificial skele to eat an epic's fireball.

Put down more eggs on lava moving back. Replace the barricades as you can. Put down lobbers.

It took me a few tries, but I got 3 stars.
Re: Dragon's Lair 09/24/2011 10:32 PM CDT
Thanks for the quick replies.

I was right about missing something fundamental. As soon as I saw "Red Dragon" I knew what it was, I hadn't tried incubating them.

That's what I get for not wanting to burn my poor little dragons...
Re: Dragon's Lair 09/25/2011 02:34 AM CDT
Hehe, using the Lava Crack on the dragon egg is something that took us a while to realize, too. When someone finally suggested it during a meeting, the entire office shouted a synchronized, "Whoa! How come I didn't think of that?!" Of course now, in retrospect, it makes perfect sense. :p

-- Tiny Heroes Designer
Re: Dragon's Lair 09/28/2011 03:05 PM CDT
OK. I tried all the tricks for this one and I STILL can't finish with even one star. DEVELOPER - PLEASE do a video for this...Carl's Crazy Funhouse 2 has no value if I can't even get to it. A very detailed step-by-step would also be nice.

THANKS to all!
Re: Dragon's Lair 11/04/2011 06:13 AM CDT

I finally got a 3-star on this just by trying over and over. I didn't use any particular strategy, just lots of red dragons, barricades and magma maulers (lava lobbers ontop of lava). I didn't find much use for green dragons or regular lava lobbers.

I tried to set up multiple waves of barricade >> red dragon >> barricade >> red dragon... so when a wizard fireballs his way through, he gets hit with the next in line. Both paths have 2 choke points. So as soon as you have some extra defenses, add them as your "second wave" at the second choke point.

Around the middle of the map (both top and bottom) set up a magma mauler or two in a place where they are NOT blocking traffic. So heroes can walk around and hopefully not destroy them on sight. Hahaha, fat chance, right? :)

Concentrate most of your effort on the TOP path, because that's where your mana crystals are. It seems like there's harder heroes up there. Or it could be the bottom is easier due to the spikes.

Then on the bottom path, keep adding lookers to entice heroes into the spikes (as you have mana and resets available).