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Epic wizards are freaking hard to kill
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That's because they have such epic beards!
How do they get those beards that long?

Who wants to be a hero

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Dropping a distraction away from your main defenses helps a little. Rock drop + fire blast is enough to take them out (possibly you need other things shooting at the same time, not sure, but ONE fire blast isn't enough even with other things shooting).

they are tough, but then all the epics are supposed to be tough. possibly why I tend to replay the Dungeon levels, where there are fewer epics, or levels of SK where I have a solid strategy.
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;:( looking for a weakness! Anything? And beards do not have to do with ANYTHING.
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By weakness I mean something that'll take out a huge chunk of health
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I've had a lot of luck with rock drop and fire blast at about the same time. You should be able to drop a jelly cube right on top of one (or several heroes on the same tile for that matter), but then you would have to make sure none of the heroes killed the jelly cube before it finished digesting the heroes inside (the heroes escape in that case).

Most of the levels where I have to deal with epic wizards I can use wall press. None of the heroes can damage wall press, and if you put perforator at the end of the series of wall press, most of the time any epic wizard that makes it that far gets finished off by the perforator. Just make sure that you have lightning towers or something similar above and below the perforator (assuming the wall press corridor is going left to right).
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Yeah, I don't have that.