Re-Create Gem Stone lll 05/05/2015 04:06 PM CDT

Lord Montu

I hear that GMIV is losing people. They lost me when they changed over from 3 to 4. I had 2 accounts and made up many characters that I would switch between. I was in the game for many years and when they came out with IV they should have made it as another game to try. I and many were happy in 3. It seemed they came out with 4 to make training harder and and it took longer to train which made them more money. It has been over 10 years since they came out with 4 and I would play 3 again if they came out with it again. How hard would it be to bring 3 out again and see how many people come back to it. Charge what you did back then 9.99 single and 19.99 for a ten slot account. I know I can never get back what I lost in the game when I left but I would come back to play it. How many others that left the lands when they came out with 4 would come back for 3 ?? Why can't they have both ??. Blow the dust off of 3 and lets see what happens. What would be the harm of doing that ??
Re: Re-Create Gem Stone lll 05/06/2015 08:31 AM CDT
Probably more appropriate in either the Simutronics board (general), or on the GemStone board (specific).
Re: Re-Create Gem Stone lll 05/11/2015 06:21 PM CDT
The workload to even get GS3 working again would be incredible. Maintaining 3 and 4 would require that the lesser performing game charge a LARGE price.

SGM Sleken