Deepest darkest dungeon where critters lurk. 10/10/2012 03:57 PM CDT
Hi, this is my new idea for a new campaign for some time in the future.

How you should unlock it:
It should be bundled with one of the previous IAP purchase campaigns. I'd suggest the gauntlet because you must have completed SC to have it plus with the gauntlet I'm stuck on the first couple of levels. I don't mean you needed to complete the gauntlet, just comes with the IAP.

The levels:
I think the layout of the levels should roughly look like SC but with the new defences to unlock as you go through the campaign. I think the campaign should have 10 - 15 levels but most of the defences should get unlocked after the first 5.

Defence 1: Detenating robot.
This should be the best disposable defence. It should cost 75 ish and have an extremely large recharge time (1 per most levels apart from really long levels like eye of the storm). This should wipe out all heroes within a certain radius. This could mean strategies where you get all the most powerful heroes in 1 place and use this thing.

Defence 2: Diamond shelled distraction device

This defence should have no attack. It will serve the purpose of leading the heroes to 1 place and getting them to constantly attack it and attack it while other defences kill them. It should have a large ton of health. Like 5 times as much as the barricade. Wizards should seek them out in the way they seek out Mana crystals. Knights should get distracted from a limited space. Thieves and Clerics should just ignore them. When one of these heroes dies it should let off some fireworks distracting the heroes (stunning them) for a few seconds. This defence should cost 80-120 and should have a large recharge time.

Defence 3: Plague rat
This defence should poison the heroes. It should not be able to poison the epic knight because of being able to penetrate it's armour. The clerics should be able to somewhat cure the poison of herself and other heroes. Once a hero is poison it should go more slower, reduce it's attack (apart from ranged heroes). If a hero is left poison for a certain amount of time it should slowly drain away the hero's health until it dies. The rat will be very fast so heroes (depending on how fast they are) may miss their shot (Apart from the epic wizards shot and the epic ranger's magic arrow thing). The rat will have low health and be able to poison few heroes before it gets killed. It should cost 50 and should have a medium recharge

Defence 4: Acidic beetle
This defence is both a ranged and not ranged attacker. It should fire out acidic goo doing small amounts of damage. However it's not ranged attack should take a lot of damage from the hero. This defence should be fairly agile and fast and have a medium amount of heath. It should cost quite a lot but have a shortish recharge time.

Defence 5: Spiked Chamellion Armadillo

This creature is completely stationary. It will really hurt heroes that walk over it. Most heroes can't see it. Once a herstartupo has stepped over it, the hero will be alerted and start attacking it. If it's a thief or a cleric it'll just walk past. Dumb knights or epic knights will walk into the creature and try to attack it, but constantly get hurt by the creature until the knight or the creature dies. Rangers will attack the creature from a distance until it dies once alerted. Standard wizard do so. Epic wizard aren't fooled by the camoflarge and will attack the hero anyway, he will also alert other heroes in a certain radius of the creature's presence, and they will attack it too. It should cost some where around 60 and have a longish recharge time.

Defence 6 gigantic Arial dragon:
This defence should only be available in this campaign because there should be what's called a dragon's nest at the corner. You should only be allowed to place one on that specific spot. If you choose a dragon on SK or any other campaign then you would have wasted a defence slot. This defence should cost 1000 mana. It should be designed for the really long levels where you have 3000 Mana and you don't know what to do with it. It is the most powerful of all defences. It should be recharging on start up. After a while it will charge up. You will then be allowed to place 1 on the nest. It will un-charge and you will not be-able to place any more (the defence pack recharge will recharge it from but will not allow you to place multiple dragons). You should be able to toggle the dragon between active and passive by tapping the nest. When the dragon is in the nest it will be invincible but be able to do nothing. When it's active it will continuously fire out fireballs. With each fireball fired out 10 Mana is deducted. If you run out of mana while on active the dragon will return to it's nest and be on passive mode.

Thanks for reading these ideas.
ps. TH is my favourite TD game
Re: Deepest darkest dungeon where critters lurk. 10/11/2012 11:23 AM CDT

I was just about to add even more juicy ideas but my computer crashed and I lost every thing it typed !!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( !!!!!!! I'll just add the bit where there was more detail about the dragon and the robot.
The dragon should be able to get destroyed by the ranged heroes. It should be very durable and last 3 waves of fire balling by epic wizard. When it's inactive it will be invincible. The fireballs should be the same roughly as the magma mauler. For the detonating robot it should be like a thing walking around and it will detonate when it gets killed or 10 seconds has passed. If the detonating robot had high heath it could mean that it could detonate where you don't want it to to make it a little bit more balanced.