Achievements! 03/08/2012 05:22 PM CST

Why is it that with each new campaign, there isnt a new set of achievements?
Re: Achievements! 03/08/2012 07:38 PM CST
The achievements unlock new defenses right? Those require artwork, programming, and a lot of testing and balancing - testing not just the new campaign levels but retesting all the other levels to make sure that the new defense isn't too powerful.

The artists and developers are very busy. We got The Stronghold so quickly because it didn't require any artwork or programming, just level design and testing.

I wouldn't mind achievements that show in Game Center that don't unlock anything, but even that would require a bit of programming. For example:

"It's a Trap!": the game has to remember the number of heroes eaten by mimics, and each time another one is eaten, check to see if it has unlocked this achievement.

"Held the Line": when you finish a level of Held the Line, the game has to check whether you earned 3 stars