Help with Achievements: Gargoyle Statue 01/02/2012 03:39 PM CST
Any ideas where I can play to the last one: Fought fire with fire?
Re: Help with Achievements: Gargoyle Statue 01/02/2012 05:40 PM CST
There are several levels that have multiple Fire Wizards. You can't take out a fire wizard with only a single fire blast - you have to have reduced their health first. I have seen some advice posted saying use tar + slime then the fire blast on them, but you could do a rock drop then immediately after it a fire blast, or something similar.

Don't play to win the level, just to survive until you see those multiple fire wizards and can try to take them.

Sorry but I got this one too long ago; I have no memory at all of how I got it, not even which level I was on (although I might have used that last level from SK because I went through a spell where I loved replaying that level, with varying defenses and I think it has a lot of fire wizards there at the end).
Re: Help with Achievements: Gargoyle Statue 01/29/2012 06:32 AM CST
If you have carl's crazy fun house 1, go to the last level called Dragon's lair. There you have multiple epic wizard and the fire thing. Use red dragons (green dragons grown on lava patches) and stuff to push them back and take down their heath. When there low on health use a fire blast. That's how I got the achievement. Dragon's lair is a pretty hard level so don't play to win, just to get the achievement. Put the red dragons behind a baricade and put more dragons behind the red dragon. This will push the heroes into groups including the epic wizards and take down their health. Then blast the wizards with the fire and see how they like that! This is also a tactic to complete the level aswell, it should get you the achievment. Also use distractions like skeletons to waste the wizard's fire ball so they don't wreck you defences while they take down their health!
Hope this helps.
Re: Help with Achievements: Gargoyle Statue 01/29/2012 08:28 AM CST
Googling around found me a tip using "Off to Flee the Wizard" with a combo of Sticky Tar + Slime + Fire Blast.