Minimal defenses for levels 12/05/2011 07:59 PM CST
I've been seeing how few defenses I can stock and still make 3 stars on the Dungeon levels, of those levels that let you have more than just one of course. The combination of mana + lightning tower works for quite a few of the levels, including (by the skin of my teeth) "It Takes An Epic Thief".

I haven't found a 2 defense solution to "Catapult Yourself to Victory"; the closest I have come is 2 stars. 3 defense solution to it should work well; the problem is that with 3 different paths to the treasure, 2 defenses just don't recharge fast enough when there are epic knights in the wave.

Is there another defense that is as handy as lightning tower or is that going to be the optimal choice when going for minimal defenses, for most levels? Once you open it up to 3 defenses, there are lots of combinations that work well together.
Re: Minimal defenses for levels 12/06/2011 03:23 AM CST

I can't really think of a better option than Mana/Tower, no. Possibly the Wall Press in tight corridor levels? Probably not though.
Re: Minimal defenses for levels 12/08/2011 07:17 AM CST
I've finished doing Dungeon trying for minimal defenses. Here's the best that I could do:

ONE: Just Lightning Tower, not even any mana
1. Welcome
2. Set, Spike
3. Mind Your Mana
5. Thief in the Night
10. Bombastic

TWO: Mana + Lightning Tower
6. Gorks Gone Wild
7. Trinity of Blades
8. Wizard of Gauze
9. Fool's Gold
12. Epic Knight and Day
13. Springtime
15. Caught in the Crossfire
16. Toilin' Trouble
19. Hold the Line
21. It Takes an Epic Thief
22. Rock Drop and Roll
24. Choose Your Adventure
25. Penultimate Countdown

17. Catapult Yourself to Victory. Oddly enough the combination of mana + lightning tower + wall press did NOT work. What did was mana + lightning tower + tentacle garden, because the tentacles recharged pretty much immediately, did a bit of damage to those who walked on them but most importantly distracted the knights and epic knights.

27. Ranger Danger. The set that worked for me was mana + lightning tower + slime. There might be a better set. The last wave got pretty close to the treasure, so it was good that I had so many mana crystals blocking it off - slowed the epics down enough that my lightning tower and slime had a chance to finish them off.

Note that I did not try to do this with the challenge levels.

Now to see what can be done with the next campaign. Some levels are going to be hopeless of course - you have to use all your slots to survive at all. This was an interesting experiment with the Dungeon levels though.
Re: Minimal defenses for levels 12/20/2011 12:47 PM CST
I haven't checked these since the new release, however either the Lightning Tower isn't as powerful, or it gets damaged more easily, or else it recharges more slowly, because I have checked several of the SK levels that I used to be able to get 3 stars using just mana and Lightning Tower and I can't any more - just can't get enough lightning towers fast enough.
Re: Minimal defenses for levels 03/16/2012 09:09 PM CDT

What? They need to get that fixed.
Re: Minimal defenses for levels 03/16/2012 10:18 PM CDT
The lightning tower was NOT nerfed. I think I had just forgotten my strategies for some of the levels, or possibly the heroes came a bit faster.
Re: Minimal defenses for levels 03/21/2012 08:50 PM CDT

Huh. A little typical if you ask me.