Achievement: Caught in the Rain 09/26/2011 06:50 PM CDT
I'm trying to get the Caught in the Rain achievement.

1. Does it count if the lava lobber is really a magma mauler (that is, it's placed on a vent)?

2. What are some good levels to try to get this achievement? We need something with a lot of non-epic heroes that can be clumped together. I tried Gathering Grounds but I can't seem to get that many heroes in a clump, and when I think I do, the dang lava lobber fires at 2 heroes off in another part of the board.
Re: Achievement: Caught in the Rain 09/26/2011 08:40 PM CDT
Got the achievement! I used WHERESTHETROLLS' solution to Eye of the Storm level, which uses volcanos and dragons and perforators among other things. When I had one wave left, I sent it in early, planted a lava lobber in the front section (top but not in the immediate path), used Recharge and planted a second one in the front section (bottom). I'd already planted extra lava lobbers in the central area not on vents, as well as the 4 on vents, and eventually one of the regular lava lobbers did catch 15+ at once.

I don't think that the Magma Maulers count for this achievement.
Re: Achievement: Caught in the Rain 09/28/2011 12:13 AM CDT
Thanks :)

I think I got the achievement from the vented volcanos on that level (aka Magma Maulers), but using unvented volcanos would be a good fallback if not.