Faster restart PLEASE 10/10/2011 08:55 AM CDT
This game needs a faster restart time. When I was new to the game I kept getting po'd and nearly deleted it several times because (1) when you're new to the game you keep messing up and have to restart a lot - partly 'cause you're getting used to all your defenses, partly because it's hard to place things correctly at first becuase of the pseudo-3D appearance of the walls, which throws off your (or at least my) perception of where the center of each square is. So anyway, you have to restart a ton, but (2) the restart time is REALLY ANNOYINGLY LONG. Ya have to wade through the are-you-sure screen, and then it thiiiinks, and then the camera paaaaaaans back and forth (just slowly enough to be annoying but also too fast to really get a look at the dungeon), and then you have to watch the $#@*! little treasures appear, and THEN You have to pick your defenses ALL OVER AGAIN, ARGH! To have to plow through all that just because I misplaced a wall or something is SO ANNOYING! In a game that relies so much on restarting levels, there really should be a faster restart.

What would be really awesome is two options for a restart, and both of them pretty dang speedy: a "Same Defenses" restart where BING you are INSTANTLY back in action at wave 1 with all your same defenses. Then a "Pick New Defenses" option where go STRAIGHT to the pick-defenses screen (no camera panning back and forth, no treasures appearing).

While I am ranting... I wish you could see the dungeon clearly when you're picking your defenses. Otherwise what you have to do is start a dummy game just to get a look at the dungeon, and then immediately realize "Oh, there's no narrow walls, I shouldn't have picked the spinning blades," or whatever, and then quit and restart and go through the ANNOYINGLY LONG RESTART again.

Honestly I HATED the game at first because of these annoyances. It seemed way too difficult and the slow restarts just were the last straw. fiiiiinally I got the hang of it and got used to it and now I love the game, actually got pretty well addicted, but the slow restart still bugs me.

I'm a big TD fan and spend almost all my time playing TD games, so if this was bugging me, it's probably bugging some % of your target market, huh?

Like I said now I love the game! KUDOS! Love it! Fix the $@#! restart time! Thanks for listening.
Re: Faster restart PLEASE 10/10/2011 12:03 PM CDT

You can click the blue map in the corner of the pick the defenses screen to see the whole map.

Obviously you are being ignorant and have not noticed such a nice, but simple option.

As well it takes approx. 20 seconds to restart unless you deliberate for a long time on what defenses you need.

I suppose I could agree with you on being able to start with the same defenses but 9/10 times I'd rather pick something different.
Re: Faster restart PLEASE 10/18/2011 09:34 AM CDT

Well, there could always be two restart options. One that is a "Quick Restart" in which you restart the level with the same defenses, and the other could be the normal restart we currently have.

I know what the first poster is talking about because I go through it as well. Often when you are playing, it's not that you have the wrong defenses, but that you screw up your timing, put something in the wrong place or mess something else up. You just want to restart your attempt without having to pick through a large list of defenses again.

Sure, it doesn't take that long, but it would certainly ease the usability of the game.