choose your adventure 01/26/2012 12:11 PM CST
I tried the tip I got but it does not work. they either bust through if I keep putting mana out or if I put my defences out I dont have enough mana to keep going. Any ideas would be great thanks.
Re: choose your adventure 01/26/2012 12:45 PM CST
EASY way to get ONE star on this, so that you can progress (and come back later with better defenses).

1. Plant mana in the protected areas only.
2. LET the first hero (the thief) get some treasure.
3. When he enters the top corridor carrying the treasure, place a gork behind him and a barricade in front of him. The gork finishes him off and the treasure is trapped.
4. Eventually the gork is killed because he goes after heroes that come too close. Replace him by another barricade, so that the treasure is locked between two barricades.
5. IGNORE the rest of the heroes unless they attack one of the two barricades. If they attack the barricade from the treasure side, use rock drop, because that will hurt them even if they are in the treasure room. Go after the heroes that attack from the left of the barricade vigorously with whatever you have handy at the time. Replace barricades as they are destroyed. Most of the heroes are going to either grab treasure and leave or see the empty treasure room and leave.
6. Wall blades in the upper corridor will help by hurting heroes that are more likely to attack a barricade, but aren't required.

At the end of the last wave, you have saved one treasure, so you get one star, and can go on to the next level. Later you can come back with more powerful defenses (lightning tower, perforator, or whatever) and try for 3 stars.