catapult can only be positioned left/right? 09/10/2011 06:44 PM CDT

Why is this? there are several maps in which the up/down position would be viable. Why cant we?
Re: catapult can only be positioned left/right? 09/10/2011 08:40 PM CDT
We get this question a lot. The catapult is an extremely powerful defense. It is meant for line-holding battles of epicness, not ironically in levels such as 'Hold the Line'. Not only does it deal damage to three cells of a dungeon at once (which very few defenses can do), but it deals ridiculous damage on top of that. Wizards and Thieves, for example, can't even survive its second volley if aimed properly.

So what do you do to balance out a defense like that, while maintaining its design as a powerful siege style weapon? You make players who choose it have to play smart in order to use it effectively. Sure, there are probably levels where it would be beneficial for the Catapult to aim vertically. By the same token, I can think of a lot of levels where having a Ballista that dealt twice as much damage would be helpful, too. But that's not the intent of the Catapult. It's not supposed to be an end-all be-all killing machine; no one defense is. It's been carefully crafted and balanced to be very, very powerful in some situations, but weak in others. If its mechanics suit your playstyle, you'll probably love it. If sticking barricades in front of it, placing it at the end of long hallways or over walls thing doesn't tickle you pink, that's okay, too.

TL;DR- The Catapult was specifically designed to fire only to the left or right. If we ever decided to allow it to fire vertically, we would have to drastically weaken it in some other areas to compensate... then you'd have a defense that you could place anywhere you wanted, but would never have a reason to. :p

P.S.- There is a new defense planned for the Workshop that works similarly to the Catapult in terms of mechanics, but CAN fire in all four cardinal directions, and is being balanced with that in mind. It may be more up your alley. :)

-- Tiny Heroes Designer