Combos and defense uses 03/28/2012 09:41 PM CDT

So I was hoping to get some feedback on combos and some defenses I think are pretty useless.
First, the dragon/lava lobber/mana crystal combined with lava is great, are there any other defenses that can be combined with lava? Are there other hidden defense combos like tar+bomb and lightning+lightning tower?

Secondly, I know some powerful combos such as combining wall blades or press with one of the floor traps and luring thieves with mimics and putting catapults behind walls/barriers/or pretty much anything but I would like to hear other people's favorite combos.

Now for defense clarifications:

1)the watcher seems mediocre at best and usually dies after one hypnosis cast. Any tips?

2)do the tentacle gardens have any real use?

3)the plain green dragon is not very useful in my opinion. How should he be employed?

4)I worked hard to get the gargoyle and it's fun but I don't think it's very powerful at all. Any special uses?
Re: Combos and defense uses 03/28/2012 10:05 PM CDT
Tentacle gardens are great for keeping knights near other defenses. The knights and epic knights will just stand there whacking at the tentacle gardens and ignoring the ballistas, etc. They also do some minor damage to the heroes that walk over them.

Green dragons are very good at the end of a corridor, if you fill the corridor with floor spikes or wall blades, because they blow the heroes back to get damaged all over again.

Tar + fire blast also burns. Tar + slime keeps the heroes in the slime longer, which is a good combo too. My favorite is putting a barrier of some kind right after wall blades/wall press, so that the heroes stay in the wall blades longer. Bombing heroes that are in the wall blades helps too, because it stuns them for a bit so they take more damage.

Heroes will often turn back if they see a perforator.

I don't use looker very often myself. Even if it only casts one hypnosis spell, that can be useful if it makes the heroes wander away from the treasure room and into your defenses, or just distracts the heroes from a hole in your main defenses until the one you want recharges and you can fill the hole.

I'm interested in the answers to your other questions myself.

Tcarr9's Tiny Heroes video walkthroughs are available on YouTube:
Re: Combos and defense uses 03/29/2012 02:39 PM CDT
Hey, thanks for writing! Here's some tips for you:

*The Tentacle Gardens don't actually deal damage, but are great if you're strapped for cooldowns and not mana. This is especially helpful on levels with lots of Epic Knights. If you have a condensed front line of Tribalistas and you don't want an Epic Knight to reach them and one-shot them, spamming a few gardens is an effective way to keep your main line safe.

*The Looker is more useful in the early waves than the later. Usually the first few waves are balanced so that you're losing a few defenses each time but are able to build maybe one or two more, allowing for a slow build up. The Looker can usually survive the first few light waves, and he also prevents the Heroes from destroying your initial towers. This gives you a much stronger mid game, which of course eases you into a more manageable late game. The Looker is also the only critter (besides the Gorgon) who can survive the Epic Heroes' abilities, including the Wizard's fireball.

*The Gargoyle is an excellent blocker and has more health than the Living Wall. That said, it's most useful in levels with little alcoves that it can peek around, as heroes will ignore it unless it's blocking their path. The Gargoyle is a very advanced defense, but has an incredibly effective tactic, which is to let one stun a bunched up group of heroes, wait a few seconds, then place another one facing the opposite direction. Two Gargoyles working in tandem will lock down a wave of heroes indefinitely. This is actually the main strategy used in the Funhouse level, "21 Wizard Salute."

-- Tiny Heroes Designer
Re: Combos and defense uses 07/02/2012 02:29 PM CDT
Look to slip and slime for a prime use of the looker, without it the wall press/perforators you are given are very much avoided by the smart heroes!
Tentacle garden i don't use, but can keep knights entertained almost indefinitely with their fast cooldown, low cost and attraction.
As has been said, the green dragon is great for pushing a bunch of heroes back down an path full of wall blades etc, and the gargoyle has a very specific use in some cases i'm sure...haven't tried it overly much yet...