A visitor at Gairen Compound 07/10/2015 07:09 PM CDT
Late last night, a gnome of the Wendwillow Bloodline by the name of Kitcha arrived at the Gairen Compound seeking a place for rest after her long journey from home. She brought with her a diary, and in return for the generosity shown by the village, offered to share the story of her ancestors as it was told to her when she was young. Gairen residents were elated with her story and offered her a place of rest for as long as she wished to stay in the area. She also brought with her a large quantity of plumille that she presented to Fryta as a gift. Fryta indicated that she would be available at some point over the weekend to do a bit of tailoring work with this material for visitors to Gairen Compound.

This post (and subsequent short story) is brought to you by the Worldly Weekends Release during HSN!

~ Haliste ~
The Forest Gnome of Silverwood Manor