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This is not a post about the lack of Forest Gnome specific racial verbs, and indeed the fact that Forest Gnomes are the only race that has to share their racial verb bucket with another lesser race will not even come up one time in this post!

Someone, who shall remain nameless, asked me in game if I knew what the specific colors and feathers were mentioned in the clothing doc
Apotl/Apotla: This garment is a feathered cloak, which is cut to waist-length. The color and type of feathers varies based on to which Bloodline the wearer belongs.

I said no, because to the best of my knowledge this information has not been released yet, and all we can do is really go off of the geography associated with each blood line
It would be a nice easy way to flesh out the Forest Gnome docs that couldn't possibly conflict with anything...where are those lore keeper people at anyway? Probably hard at work on Faendryl stuff...

anyway, is this information somewhere?
Re: Clothing Doc Question 08/04/2014 05:37 PM CDT
I did a quick log check, since I chatted in-game with a forest gnome cultural delegate at the original CCF about their garb, and the GM playing the NPC wrote the doc. I couldn't find anything concerning the feather types in the apotl and apotla, though I did come across the tidbit that he wasn't wearing an apotl clasp because he wasn't out on personal business.

Tlizal hoarsely says, "I'm not wearing a formal apotl clasp though, because I'm not here as an individual."
Tlizal hoarsely says, "I'm here to represent my people."
Tlizal hoarsely says, "Wearing my clasp would indicate I was acting on personal business, or for personal glory."

There may be more info out there, though. I remember I posted a log of a conversation about forest gnome garb to this folder a while back, but it's since cycled off the boards. A moderator should be able to find it and bring it back.


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Re: Clothing Doc Question 08/04/2014 06:20 PM CDT
>A moderator should be able to find it and bring it back.

Unfortunately, we lost a lot of posts when we migrated to the new forums. Posts don't expire anymore -- if you don't see a thread, it's either been pulled for moderation reasons or it's just gone.