Strange Gnomish Message 07/31/2011 07:45 PM CDT
An interesting message has shown up on the benches of several towns in Elanthia.

Gnomes of Elanthia! It's time to claim the respect and admiration we have always deserved. In one city, we will no longer be second class citizens! Come to River's Rest and help us take over the city!

We're fighting for discounts in the shops and gnomish food and drink served in local establishments.

First River's Rest, then all of Elanthia!

(OOC Note - I could use a hand getting this message to Zul, Illistim and Vaalor. If you can transport it from FWI to one of these cities, please grab the note off the barrel in Oleander Crossing. Thanks!

~The Bouncy Gnome

Ruabadra gets a running start and launches herself at you like a cute little battering ram. You don't think it's so cute when she hits, dropping you like a rock!