Current premium point value 06/17/2018 07:48 PM CDT
With the wps changes and duskruin certs premium points have really lost a lot of value as weapons and armor are a lot stronger now and more expensive to do work on. I’m trying to save premium points up to have some work done on my items but the services I’m adding add more cost than the monthly points I’m getting. Can you please consider making things cheaper? Or doubling the points everyone has?
Re: Current premium point value 06/18/2018 12:15 AM CDT
On a similar vein, has a surcharge cap ever been considered? Particularly for enhancives?

Post-CCF, my runestaff will cost over 21,000 to bring up to 6x. (That's 17 years of points!)

I know enhancive surcharges are based on the recharge cost, but some kinds of enhancives (mana and spirit regen) have a particularly high cost, which I think drives the premium point cost up disproportionately to the power of the item. (I know I have a really awesome runestaff, but I'm not sure if it's '17 years of premium to enchant' awesome...)

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Re: Current premium point value 06/19/2018 09:03 AM CDT
I want to echo this sentiment. I have 1500 points, which is 15 months worth of premium subscription, not even enough to give padding to a 4x piece of armor. I was thinking of saving to get some high-steel plate I won at EG padded, but that's (3200 + (10 * 100)) = 4200 points, that's 27 more months of subscription, or $1080 in subscription costs. I'm level 78 now, and even at the rate I level, I should cap and be able to wear the armor in the next 12 months. Almost four years worth of saving to get 150 services seems out of alignment with the new direction for WPS.