Stuck Scroll? 02/05/2018 02:02 PM CST
You sign your scroll, authorizing Sadie to charge you 3200 points for the following alteration to your double leather:
[scroll type: description alterations and other Premium Point services defined by PREMIUM 9] would like to add crit padding to this armor..

Your double leather shimmers and vanishes!

You have signed the alterer's scroll, authorizing the merchant to do the alteration and charge you the stated price. If your item is not delivered to you in the next 30 minutes, please ASSIST to get your scroll unstuck.

Scroll #129, someone mind taking a look? Leather vanished about an hour ago.
Re: Stuck Scroll? 02/05/2018 04:54 PM CST
Should be good to go now.

~~GM Kynlee~~
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Re: Stuck Scroll? 02/05/2018 05:13 PM CST
Thanks for the quick response, Kynlee!